Las Vegas Escort Rules Laws

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While you'll have to leave Las Vegas escorg get here, the slogan still applies: Their business depends on it. Obviously this depends on your tastes and the girl's prices.

Nevada Prostitution and Solicitation Laws

They got a little evasive when I asked specific questions about money, but I left with the impression that you can expect to spend anywhere from a few ruls dollars on the basic side of things to thousands of dollars and more at the other end of the spectrum. Code Section Nevada Revised Statutes section You can see the application page here NSFW. Prostitutes must be at least 18 years old and must be employed by their own free will Prostitutes must submit to regular HIV and STD testing Prostitutes must use condoms Brothels can't be located within yards of a school or a place of worship Brothels can't be located on a principal street, and Brothels may not advertise in in a public theatre, on a public street or highway, or in any county, city, or town where prostitution is prohibited Additional Resources.