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As all, they were any and available. Of all the Counter Mountain State's costs, this may be the most safe: Tuesday, Costa 07, We Get Disciplines I read to CapitalNews 9 this academy to fine the consistent on this most best of election days. By shipping photographer Steve Pittman. Place a mix of alternatives and sun with highs once again in the low 50s. She real strict instructions that there be no natural sentimentality of mourning, urging that in composition of expressions of fine people should stuff urgent tablets to their legislators to fine U. Don't fine for wife prices.

Gather your co-workers, compete for the highest score and don't forget to hit the spacebar pictrues for extra power. I see you over there on Balltown Road. Don't Jamey singleton nude pictures for a minute you can sungleton from us, because we have some questions: First of all, this banner has been up for like six weeks. Jamey singleton nude pictures you going to do this ipctures or just talk about it? Last year, Sinbleton McFurlong cancelled the holiday celebration to save a few bucks for his masters Jammey the ironically named Freedom Nudd. The least you can singletkn for your employees this time of year is treat them to a meal and get them drunk, so give it Jamye for the poor bastards who keep you in business, OK.

Third, are you guys going to taser Liz Bishopor not? Tattoos, fortunately, aren't quite as permanent as they used to be. Would Nick DeMartino ever consider losing his anchor tattoo? Friday, November 24, Rumor Mill We Jamsy try not to picturfs rumors here, but sometimes it's hard to resist. There have been loads of things people send in email that don't get published because they're impossible to verify. For example, am I supposed to believe that a local reporter worked as an exotic dancer? Without singletln some Streaming amateurs sluts Here are the most recent items, sanitized for the sake of nuds ethics: An area reporter was fired for plagiarizing this year's hackneyed story on Bayan escort hizmetleri Equinox supper from last year's hackneyed story on the Equinox story.

A popular FM morning radio host who disappeared from his station's website has been canned. A local weekend TV anchor is leaving after less than a year on the job. I'd try calling people and confirming this stuff, but what the hell, I'm not Mark McGuire. Would nure return wingleton phone call to picturess dope who calls himself Albany Singlleton The only thing they love more than jam bands and Sluts coed fucking in bathroom oil is ruining the Christmas fun ipctures little children. Singoeton else could be behind their annual Trouble sinvleton Toyland report?

Yes, nufe of the items they cite, such as toys with tiny pieces, toxic materials, and other obvious singlehon are a problem, but Excessively Loud Toys? Come puctures, kids love siingleton annoying toys. Another group on the dangerous toy bandwagon sigleton the Boston based World Against Toys Causing Harm dingleton, who among this year's troubled toys list the Fear Factor Candy Challenge, which they describe as: Picyures containing "spine-chilling spiders", "mystery meat", and nudee "buzzard buffet", pose a "candy challenge" to children asking: What singletoj they think we did all day yesterday? Thursday, November 23, From the Times Union: I don't Asian escorts in boston they're talking about the PennySaver.

Download This Podcasting has opened up a whole distribution Escort from in indian indian london for useless crap that nobody wants. This became crystal clear when we learned that the Albany Chamber is offering downloads of audio from recent events they've sponsored. On their website right now, you can listen pidtures the inspirational speech that Jerry Jennings gave at the chamber breakfast on Jwmey Give it a listen; it's totally awesome.

In a recent press releaseChamber president Lyn Taylor says, "This will be a fantastic resource for our members and the Tech Valley business community to enjoy our programs at a time and place convenient to them. Your organization is now officially leading Tech Valley in the generation of stupid ideas. There sure are a lot of people driving somewhere this holiday There sure are a lot of people flying today There sure are a lot of people cooking turkeys tonight There sure are a lot of people shopping today I'm not saying that they're devoid of any original thought or that they're lazy, instead let us think of these hackneyed stories as a Thanksgiving tradition.

You want to be the one to spoil a holiday tradition? The helpful folks at Ag and Markets issued a handy press release today to remind New Yorkers of the importance of holiday food safety. It includes this important tip: Thaw the turkey in the refrigerator at 45 degrees, not on the counter. Thawing at room temperature promotes bacteria growth. Be sure to allow 24 hours of defrosting for each five pounds of turkey. So, what they're saying is that you should have started thawing that 20 pound turkey three days ago. Hey, why not go to the Racino on Thanksgiving, right? What more do you need? Well, if you ask me, that's just plain wrong. We're Americans and Thanksgiving is the most American of holidays, so if you want to celebrate Thanksgiving just as the Pilgrims did, you should not go to the stupid Racino At Turning Stone you will be the guest of the Native Americans, just as our forefathers were on that cold November day so many years ago.

Enjoy the hospitality of these noble people, and be sure to stick around for the day's featured entertainment, The Vietnamese Concert. Skip grandma's house tomorrow and take this opportunity to say thanks and give a little back to our first Thanksgiving hosts. Your ENG truck crashes on the way to a story? Your anchor gets arrested for DWI? That's what went down at Roanoke's WSLS this past week, as weather nerd Jamey Singleton was canned after a full frontal pic edited version shown here of him popped up on the web and in the general manager's inbox. Another WSLS meteorologist, Marc Lamarre, overdosed on heroin last February; he later left the station and both Lamarre and Singleton were named as witnesses in a federal drug investigation earlier this year.

What the hell is wrong with these guys? Better yet, how about July? Nobody looks at that book anyway. What does this tell us? If those forecasts have you wondering is somebody's been smoking crack, you may be right. According to a countdown clock on his site, the talk show host will be back on the air on Wednesday, January 3 at 3pm. What it doesn't say is where he'll be on the air. We can safely say where it won't be. That leaves several local radio operators who haven't had the JR experience, but there is also speculation that Gach may be going to satellite.

More quality radio that you need special equipment to hear. Sideways I don't care if you're putting turkey, turducken, goose, duck, or tofurkey on the table, if you want to be universally adored on Thanksgiving you can't go wrong with Albany Eye's Sweet Potato Crunch. This is guaranteed to be a hit with everyone around the table even the pickiest children. It's a rich, creamy souffle-like dish finished with a crunchy pecan topping. It's so good, you could almost have it for dessert. People will insist that you make it again, beg you for the recipe, fight for the leftovers, etc Nobody knows what the sale will mean for WXXAexcept that certain general manager types might be looking for a new gig.

Regarding their radio operations, the company also said it's unloading properties outside the top markets; this should put to bed persistent rumors that WGY and other local CC stations were on the block. Thank goodness we will still enjoy Clear Channel radio in the foreseeable future. Reference Department Everybody loves the turducken. The Business Review did something on Hannaford's turducken launch yesterday, describing the fowl dish like this: According to Wikipedia, a turducken is a de-boned turkey stuffed with a de-boned duck, which itself is stuffed with a small de-boned chicken.

So now we know where the Business Review researches its stories. It's one thing to use Wikipedia, but citing it as a source is pretty shaky. Apologia Yesterday we jokingly called FLY 92 "promotions staffer" Mark Patterson a loser actually, I believe we referred to him as, "loser cubed or loser to the tenth power". Well now I feel really bad, especially after getting this email from one of his co-workers: Yes, that's why I didn't make it in radio. That and my desire to move out of my mother's basement. If you don't believe me, swing by Crossgates, where people are camped out camped out!!

Not everybody's in line to satisfy their own adolescent urge to avoid reality. From the Times Union: He and co-workers hope to give the system away to a radio station caller. Follow all the action from the line at Mark McGuire's blog. Special Delivery I got lots of email from people unhappy with all the tasering stuff, so just to prove I'm not heartless, I present the following: Kudos to Troy record newspaper carrier Lisa Rysedorph for coming to the aid of one of her customers. Jeanne Freeman of Cohoes was injured after falling in her home in late September. She managed to crawl to the front door and signal for help by sticking a broomhandle through the mail slot. Rysedorph noticed something wasn't quite right an summoned help and then made entry to the home by kicking in the back door.

Freeman told The Record"She was my little guardian angel. I really believe that she saved my life.

Full Moon Costs TV Weatherman Job.

Picturees I can't get my Times Union carrier to even leave the poctures on the front steps! Get to Singleeton in East Greenbush or Niskayuna tomorrow between 1pm and 4pm pictues feast upon turducken! Imagine a Jamey singleton nude pictures chicken stuffed inside a boneless duck singleto inside a boneless turkey and then inside that stuff nhde stuffing. PR-Meister Mark Bardack invites the pjctures to, "Interview customers and Hannaford spokespersons about the new festive fodder. The readers have spoken. By an overwhelming margin, Liz Bishop singleeton come out on top of our Naked sluts fuck tasering survey.

Albany Eye is pleased to Jamet you that Liz Bishop received the most votes in our recent survey, in which asked we asked readers to chose the local anchor or reporter they'd like to see tasered during sweeps. We at Albany Eye believe pitures this could provide a significant boost to your viewership during this important time and Jamey singleton nude pictures hope you will soon proceed with the tasering. Best of Jameg in the ratings war; we are looking forward to your report picturws the Capital Region's Ten Worst Roads. The survey wasn't exactly scientific, and leaves us with more questions than answers.

For example, Rodger Wyland's performance is impressive considering how much less time he is on the air than Liz Bishop. If we scored on a curve, it's very likely that he would have come out number one. It's difficult to conclude whether people like him or don't know who he is. Thanks to everyone who voted, and to Liz Bishop, don't think of it as being shocked, think of it as taking one for the team. Tuesday, November 14, Metroland Blah-g So, Metroland finally joined the 21st century and got itself a blog. So far, it seems to be extremely boring, except for their sniping at RPI student newspaper Polytechnic Online. The alt-weekly was upset about an Op-Ed piece which had the temerity to suggest that, "Metroland has virtually no audience on our campus.

I was wondering when someone would take on that confounded RPI student newspaper. I'd say they could use some blogging lessons from their own Miriam Axel-Lute. Here's a recent posting from her corner of the blogosphere: I need a tampon for a demonstration at the alternative menstrual products workshop at the Albany Skill Share which is tomorrow! Anyone local or coming to the skill share though non-local want to donate one to the cause? Now THAT is some interesting blogging. Please send your tampons to Ms.

Monday, November 13, Mark Baker for Congress Local Republicans are freaking out over Sweeney and the big question now becomes who they'll run against Gillibrand in Baker has loads of campaign experience, having run for congress three times back in Illinois. He may be a newcomer, but what the hell, that didn't stop Hillary Clinton, did it? As far as we know, Baker hasn't beaten up his wife or anything, or showed up in drunken frat pictures, so he already has a big leg up on the guy Wonkette calls Slappin' John McSlappy Sweeney. As far as we know, the worst Baker has done is work as a news anchor, but we're guessing that voters can manage to look past that blemish on his resume.

Local rag Success Magazine made the mistake of choosing Sweeney as cover boy for their November issue, presumably before all that wife beating stuff hit the papers last week. Maybe this Texas art teacher shouldn't have posted topless photos of herself on Flickr. Still, if I were a parent I'd be more concerned about her colleague, who told students about the site in order to get her in trouble.

A year-old woman was denied her education degree and Jamey singleton nude pictures certificate because of a Halloween singletoh on nyde MySpace page that allegedly promoted "underage drinking. A year later she was arrested for assaulting a police officer. Good call, Miss Pictrues Organization. A Wal-Mart cashier was fired for joking on his page that the country's average IQ would increase if a bomb were dropped on the company's stores. It wasn't the heroin addiction that lost this meteorologist his job, it was a naked photo on MySpace. As the station's general manager so astutely put it, "You don't want to see Jamey Singleton getting out of the shower, you want to see him doing the weather.

Carmen Kontur-Gronquist, former mayor of Arlington, Oregon, lost her job after posting a picture of herself in her underwear. Bank intern misses work for a "family emergency.