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NC DsueroTo spotted one on the academy side of town one day last how. Is Jackson cost this. Winston winsfon are few and far between and I would fill that mongers in both does take advantage of does in the other Proficiency ChiefRead to be about 40 generic her name was June. LOL, I please it. In could how on a proficiency.

Winston posts are ealem and far between and I would think that mongers in both cities take advantage of opportunities in Gfe escorts in winston salem nc other I think problem would be, there are too many common streets in WS and GSO and many time people don't put city name, so it ainston create the confusion and Gfe escorts in winston salem nc to ask questions re. Rod Sterling We need to ramp up the WS action! I live in downtown saem have seen an older black gentleman walking with cute young girls on Broad and Escodts End. These were Ge cute young things! Also, last year when Rscorts worked on Waughtown there was escotrs hot white chick maybe native american named J-Lo that used to stop by and try to get us to do her.

I never did get up with here but would love to! Still looking for the Hispanic hook up, but that seems to be elusive! Keep the dream alive! It was really good too! I hit all the usual spots broad, acadamy, S. Nothing to be had. Only saw one BSW that looked like she had just found a big piece of the rock and was very happy to have found it. Walking with a purpose swinging her arms like she was trying to fly. She was about a 1. May have just been the weather keeping them in. Nothing to be seen. Warm weather is right around the corner, hopefully things will pick up considerably. I haven't been to Sugar Bares in a few months, might have to check them out again soon.

I stopped and went to ask her if she was alright I mean, she was wringing her hair out in the rain and skipping she jumped in the car and asked if we were gonna 'do some business'. To which I responded, 'No i don't think so, you just looked like you were not doing too well' she got a little pissy and left.

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As she walked across the street i saw a blue card in her hand and worried that she swiped Gfe escorts in winston salem nc so I flipped around and asked her if I dropped something. I realized it was a moranda card. The 5O fillies are getting more like the WSW of years gone by, looks like. First St between 4th and Broad is looking up. Not sure if it will ever open as any type of club again. For years it was up there with b III in durham. At around 6PM saw 2 BSW's with a pimp stayed awayand a nice looking 6 or so BSW right off of waughtown, where it turns into thomasville road, kernersville road, and high point rd, that area.

I saw her, turned around, but once I made it around she was gone. Also, I saw three parked LE cars during this trip. Is there somewhere else I should be looking? Am I straying too far from downtown? Last time I posted I got flamed. But any and all help would be much appreciated. NC Wanderer Dsuero, wish I could help but WS is not my area. Sorry about the flaming, but that seems to be the only way the flamer can build his post count. NC Dsuero I dont want to fall into a LE trap either. Winston Salem is extremely hit or miss. I have heard of a stroll not to far from downtown, between downtown and the fairgrounds, but I have never seen the first sw in the area.

Waughtown and Sprague St is the right area, there is just not that many SW around. Dsuero, Been a while since I now mostly Gfe escorts in winston salem nc to amps now but used to work in the area. Patterson avenue from Liberty street up to about 30th street and also 21st street is good. Take a drive down Patterson avenue and look up the side streets especially 17th street area. Mostly black sw with habits but I did occasionally find a jem. Not the best parts of town so usually a lot of LE around so you Old sluts in nylons to be careful and don't let the sw take you to their spot.

Another place to look is Liberty street around the KFC then go north up to the airport. Most of these are crackheads. I did 2 strolls last week one on tuesday and another on friday. Both were in the afternoon between 3pm and 5: Durring the friday stroll I did chat with a wsw off of sprague on goldfloss between Clemmonsville and Thomasville rd. She was around a 5 on the scale early to mid forties tall thin with dirty blonde hair and smelled like the new mascott for colt 45 malt liqour and that was from outside the vehicle. Needless to say I passed on that opportunity as soon as she ask for a ride to the store and wanted me to buy her a beer.

I used the old I'll be right back routine and left the area. I try to stay out of the northern loop just because of the area. Its the type of place where if the local leo pulls you and asks if you have a gun in the car and you say no, then he gives you his before letting you go. Anyone been over there? Member Maybe I should just stick to waughtown? Only thing left was a skinny bsw who smiled and waved like crazy so I passed. A few days ago I saw a tall tight black girl practically giving a guy a lapdance at a c store parkinglot on broad. Anything going on there? LOL, I believe it! She looked like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

She was waving like hell at every car that passed. Needless to say I passed. Could be the same on that you saw Seamore. I've been trolling quite a bit in W. Broad st from acadamy up to fourth is hit and miss but I have seen a few slithering around the area and the side streets to the west of broad. Peterscreek from first st. I don't know what has happened around sprague and waughtown they are usually the best spots for action but are not producing much now. Maybe it will pick up as the weather gets warmer. Seems uncle Leo and his swat team are doing a terrific job at keeping the ladies at bay for now.

Maybe we all should open a new doughnut shop so that Roscoe and Enos have something to keep them busy for awhile Whatcha think? I did not know you liked the outdoor stroll given your many reports elsewhere on the indoor strolls. If you get on old cherry street btween nw and bacon street u will see many sw. In another area I got the look from a chick on highland. I had just left a friends apt at the intersection of highland and mlk so I could not just stop. It's a good that they protect us from these evil ho's. I sure would hate it if they would actually make an effort to prevent violent crime.

Put a paper bag on her and cutout eyes and circle for mouth and maybe a BBBJ? Heh, even I have standards LOL. Did a brief cruise through the Waug-Sprague loop yesterday. Not a whole lot of talent available at 11pm. Did spot one WSW but she was downright funky looking so I had to pass. Hope your reports are better than this one, as this is getting scary. Found a wsw blonde 5'4 small frame about a 6 on the scale walking on devonshire close to Thomasville rd. Offered a ride a she jumped in. Looked to be about 40 said her name was Karen. Actually could carry on a conversation. No rush and took her time. Not playboy material but good service and would repeat. No digits but did show me where she lives with another female.

Established members can message me for location if interested. Although I have noticed that after I posted the last time my dear uncle seemed to be showing much more presence so I will leave the info out that would let him know where I am having the best luck nowadays. Last Tuesday I ran up on Karen, the same lady I posted about earlier. Same service as last time and still good quality so just do a little reading and you will know what to expect. Also picked up a young lady yesterday that I had never had the pleasure to meet before. Post ads with pics. Milk comes from breast amalie charlotte cyril island s st stt thomas u virgin!

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