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Motorcycle riders, police escort unclaimed veterans’ remains to state cemetery | Tri-City Herald

The ceremony was followed by a nearly two-hour motorcycle processional to the Washington Kennewlck Veterans Cemetery in Serice Lake, where the remains will be interred next month. The ceremonies and procession were part of the continuing Missing in America project, whose members look serice unclaimed remains of war veterans at funeral homes so they can be laid to rest in veterans cemeteries. So far the organization has searched 1, funeral homes, found 13, remains, identified 3, and interred 2, according to its website at miap.

Five of the remains escorted Thursday came from the Tri-Cities area. Art Moore, a Navy veteran, transported the remains to the ceremony from Kennewick in a restored Navy ambulance. The riders then secured the cremated remains on the backs of their motorcycles to take them to Medical Lake.