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In all of this Armstrong cut quite a contrast with his colleagues who, when they were not riding their bikes, could generally be found lounging by the pool, having their legs massaged or playing computer games.

Armstrong back – but 'softer Lance' approach not always appropriate

Envy true delight escort adelaide Does Armstrong intend — indeed, can he — continue to live this double life as the season unfolds? But when you have the opportunities we [have] had, you have to take them. But yes, as the year rolls on and I race more, in harder events — the Giro [d'Italia], the Tour [de France] — we'll still do things on rest days here and there. But not to the same level. In fact, for someone whose main targets are in May and July, at the Giro and the Tour, he played a surprisingly active role in this race, attacking on stages two, three and five.

When the race split to smithereens on Willunga Hill on Saturday, Armstrong didn't appear to be in difficulty. Off the bike he was relaxed, open and chatty, describing himself to one reporter as the "softer Lance". Certainly he was different from the guarded, cold Lance who shot journalists "the look", a piercing, icy stare, during his later Tours de France. He received a scary eyeballing before Armstrong eventually said: The only bum note came on Friday, when Armstrong was asked a question about the return of Floyd Landis at his next race, the Tour of California.

Landis was stripped of the Tour de France title after testing positive for testosterone. But he couldn't stop himself. Sometimes I get frustrated with people who criticise his return, and then cheer when David Millar returns. It's the same thing. You've served your suspension, let's get back on the bike and race. Let's forgive and forget and get on down the road. Landis and Basso suspended in for two years for "intention to dope"who both return this year, have done neither. They symbolise the omerta — the law of silence and denial — that has existed in cycling for years, driving it to virtual ruin.

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