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It might be an older woman, sex outdoors or a greased up woman rolling around in lubricant. Join our mailing list by sending your name, address and email details to us. We need more people to join our persuasive 'people pester' group of emailers! There is pressure in numbers. One email asking nicely is great but a few hundred emails is never ignored.

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Ring for details Bestialigy our next event and try out some activism for yourself. Just escort up and join us for a coffee and chat afterwards. Get yourself some T-Shirts or badges. All profits Bestiaoity go towards the groups expenses. Journalists are welcome to join our Media list if you wish to receive AFAR Bestiaality releases on the Bestiality escorts of release. We welcome any information concerning abuse to animals. This will be treated with complete confidentially. We do not need your name and every concern will be investigated or passed to others with the authority to do so.

Our volunteers are unpaid but Flyers, printing, fuel, display boards etc. Please send whatever you can afford to help us do more for animals. If anyone has a multi-seater vehicle or an advertising trailer either going cheap or simply 'going' please give us a call. We could really use them and you would be helping animals too. We need saleable items for our car boot sales,anything considered. Its saving the planet too! Ban stupid people not dogs. We do not support or encourage any form of harassment.