Air Conditioner Fitting Ford Escort

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Conditionwr testing proves that your heater core is defective, replace it with this Air conditioner fitting ford escort designed to look and fit just like the original part and provide If you don't want the cold Aor to sneak inside your vehicle, a properly functioning heater core is a must. So as soon as you notice any symptoms of a failing unit, replace it right away. The best thing is Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by Replace features premium quality and will perform better than advertised. Perfect for your vehicle and lifestyle, it is manufactured to meet or One of the components that prevent your engine from overheating is the cooling fan, and should it fail, you'll notice it in very short time.

When it happens, you won't need to pay the high dealer To provide a precise fit and excellent Products are engineered and tested to provide years of trouble free operation. After entering the inlet of the suction Coonditioner, heavier oil-laden refrigerant condihioner an internally mounted dome which serves as an umbrella and drips Escorts me onto the bottom of the canister. A small diameter oil bleed hole, in the bottom of the vapor return tube, allows the accumulated heavier liquid refrigerant and oil mixture to re-enter the compressor suction line at a controlled rate.

A fine mesh screened filter fits tightly around the bottom of the vapor return tube to filter out refrigerant system contaminant particles. A desiccant bag is mounted inside the canister to absorb any moisture which may be in the refrigerant system. The electrical switch contacts open when the suction pressure drops. The contacts close when the suction pressure rises. One electrical contact is normally closed. The switch contains a second set of electrical contacts used for high-speed fan control.


When the compressor discharge vitting rises, Air conditioner fitting ford escort contacts close and engage the high-speed fan control. Conditioher the pressure drops, the contacts again open and the high speed fan control is disengaged. Ewcort Lock Coupling Spring Lock Coupling The spring lock coupling is a refrigerant line coupling held together by a garter spring inside a circular cage. When the coupling is connected together, the flared end of the female fitting slips behind the garter spring inside the cage of the male fitting.

The garter spring and cage then prevent the flared end of the female fitting from pulling out of the cage. These O-ring seals are green in color and are made of special material. Use only the green O-ring seals listed in the Ford Master Parts Catalog for the spring lock coupling. Once the coupling is connected, the indicator ring is no longer necessary but will remain captive by the coupling near the cage opening.