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A child who will no doubt grow up to ride the same trails around Galena Summit that their mother and escorst rode down on their wedding day. Kristin Cheatwood Planning a wedding in Sun Valley? Why not learn from the pros—former brides. The biggest cause of wedding stress: Last-minute details that show up unannounced. So hire a wedding planner to help guarantee that everything is under control. But in all the details and planning, it can often get overlooked.

Plan a wedding to reflect your personal style, as well as your likes and loves … and the rest should take care of itself. Just remember to plan a few moments to actually enjoy some of the activities and festivities that you have planned. It can be a whirlwind of activity and socializing, so remember to plan a few moments all your own. This can be as simple as a walk by the river after the ceremony or a moment of reflection before your first dance. Everybody is gathered in celebration of you, so take a few moments to enjoy it together.

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Many popular outdoor wedding locations, such as River Run and Trail Creek, are located on grass, which can make walking in high heels in vwlley of guests a challenge. Consider a wedge or platform sandal qnd you still want height, but leave the Sun valley idaho and escorts heels which will only sink into the grass at home—or save them for the rehearsal dinner. A sincere request can vallye them feel special, and helps to include them in the memory of creating your wedding celebration. It ecsorts provides a great way for members from both Sun valley idaho and escorts of the family to get to know each other.

Andd, biking, golf at Sun Idahoo Resort with idqho holes and stunning viewsfly fishing, escortx, skeet shooting at ldaho Gun Club, horseback ajd, ice skating at the historic Sun Valley outdoor rink—there is so much to do, your guests might appreciate a little direction escortx a few planned events. This also has the added bonus of creating opportunities for guests to mix and mingle … and bond over shared experiences. WELCOME GUESTS Put together a welcome packet for all of your out-of-town guests—include things like a map with a list of your favorite local haunts, hikes and watering holessunscreen and a small water bottle exposure at altitude demands more water and lots of sunscreen.

Add locally made snacks or goods issues of Sun Valley Magazine are always full of all kinds of fun stuff to do in the areadining out suggestions and a full schedule of wedding events. Grooming Standards Sun Valley's commitment to quality and excellence is translated through its employees. Your dress and personal appearance is important to the image we present to our guests. Male Employees Hair must be clean and tapered at or above the collar line of a standard dress shirt. Hair should not cover the bottom half of the ear, and shoulder length is not permitted. No beards or goatees will be worn; men must be clean-shaven every day.

Sideburns should not extend below the earlobe. Moustaches are acceptable if trimmed and neat. Earrings or any body piercing are not to be worn while on duty. Female Employees Hair styles must be clean and not interfere with job duties. Earrings and jewelry must be modest and not interfere with job duties. Earrings are allowed in ear lobes ONLY no nose piercing, etc. Cosmetics should be consistent with a natural appearance. Employees who handle food must wear hair pulled back and up. Footwear Tennis shoes are not permitted in high-profile areas i. Some departments require certain shoes for safety reasons. Personal Hygiene Employees are expected to be neat and clean at all times.

This includes clean fingernails, teeth, and daily bathing. Work Environment Employees are required to keep a clean and orderly work environment. Before departure each day, employees are expected to clean their personal or assigned work areas. Uniformed Employees Many employees are required to wear Company-issued uniforms which should be kept clean and changed daily. These are cleaned or laundered at no cost to employees. Name tags are part of the uniform and dress code, and are to be worn at all times. Important Employment Information Drug Testing: Includes pre-employment and random.

Grooming and Conduct Standard: