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LurkingReader September 11, at 6: That said in no way shape or manner can I advocate the same harm reduction in a legitimate work place. The price as in expected consequences of poverty, homelessness and IV drug use is a deterrent only for folks fortunate enough to have resources to protect or shelter them Shy love escort the inevitable facing those without resources. For those I gladly part with post tax dollars hoping the little that remains after being misappropriated provides the services they desperately need including harm reduction. In that article of his I linked to here a short time ago he says the same thing, about relying on a harm reduction program is a potential liabtility for the industry.

And for producers to claim that they somehow are responsible for this systems existence, and that producers REQUIRE participation in this system by their employees is again, absurd. LurkingReader September 11, at 8: Applauding a company that pays for testing performers expected to pass the tests while ignoring those who might not is a huge part of the problem. Part of discourse is to both bring up and discuss different ideas.

I can even respect you disagreeing with me ,ove my ideas. Things that do not exist now could in the future, especially with a little push from those directly involved. Hell, Izzy Hall is an ordained Baptist minister. The Baptists believe that sex is only for procreation and that all other sex is a sin.