History Of Single Sex Education In India

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It seems that parents and others in the community would like to be able to take advantage of the opportunity for single-sex classrooms, but may not be ready to try them out for their own kids just yet. Many turn to same-sex schools and classrooms for a way to improve educational and behavioral outcomes, and some are met with success.

15 Fascinating Facts About Same-Sex Schools

O the ACLU is quick to point out that same-sex schools Hisotry do well are successful not Histofy they are segregated, but because they have the hallmarks of good educational environments, including small classes, adequate funding, parental involvement, and qualified teachers, which help bring about success in coeducational classrooms as well. According lndia the ACLU, some studies find that students in coeducational schools can do better than single-sex students. Single-sex classrooms may not prepare students for a coed world Critics of single-sex education are quick to point out the fact that although classrooms might be only one gender, the entire world is most certainly not.

Girls at single-sex schools are more likely to take non-traditional courses Supporters of same-sex classrooms often tout the ability to help girls pursue subjects like math and science, and the research certainly seems to back up that presumption. In this sort of classroom, boys are able to deal with restlessness that may plague them, without being a bother to others, presumably girls who may be better able to sit quietly.