1999 Ford Escort Zx2 Serpentine Belt Wrench Size

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Remove the inner fender panel. Remove seepentine accessory drive belts from the engine. Support the engine and remove the right motor mount. The two bolts that hold the mount to the engine are recessed in the mount and there is almost no clearance between the mount and inner frame rail. Raising the engine up slightly helps but you'll need a very short socket and plenty of leverage. Remove the six crankshaft pulley bolts and pulley. Remove the upper and lower timing belt covers. Rotate the crankshaft so the No. Make sure the No.

Loosen the belt tensioner bolt, push the tensioner away from the belt, temporarily retighten the tensioner serpentne to hold it in place, then escot the timing belt. Because the service life of the water pump shaft seals and bearings are about the same as the belt. Some water pumps siz gomiles 1999 ford escort zx2 serpentine belt wrench size more without a drip. Others may start to leak at 60, miles or less. Replacing the water wrenfh now 199 save you the labor and expense of having to replace the pump later should it start to leak. Replacing the belt tensioner and idler pulleys with new ones is also a good idea, especially if the engine has overmiles on the original pulleys.

Position the new timing belt on the pulleys, make sure all the timing marks are aligned and that the belt is taut between the two sprockets on the non-tensioned side. Loosen the tensioner bolt so the spring will pull it tight against the belt. Tighten the tensioner bolt to lb. You don't want the belt to be too loose otherwise it might jump timing, and you don't want it too tight otherwise it may overload the water pump bearings and shorten the life of the pump. Rotate the crankshaft two complete revolutions to make sure the timing marks realign properly.

Reassemble everything in reverse order, and make sure you install the crankshaft sprocket baffle with the curved outer lip facing outward if it faces inward it will rub against the belt. Lastly, install a sticker on the timing cover indicating the date and mileage the belt was replaced. This will help the next owner or technician determine if the belt has ever been replaced, and if so when it was replaced. So there's no way to clean, inspect or relubricate the bearings when you change the timing belt. Over time, the grease inside the bearings breaks down and oxidizes, accelerating bearing wear and increasing the risk of a bearing failure or seizure.

And the hotter the operating environment, the shorter the lifespan of the grease and the bearings. The location of the tensioner and idler pulley under the timing belt cover prevents them from receiving much cooling, so they tend to run quite hot. When a tensioner or idler bearing seal fails, dirt and humidity enter the bearing and grease leaks out. The bearing is doomed and will eventually fail. The first symptom is usually noise. If ignored long enough, the next symptom may be jumped timing as the belt loses tension, or belt failure. If a new tensioner and idler pulley are not included with a timing belt kit, you should order them separately.

Small surface cracks on the ribbing is considered normal. But extensive cracking or deep cracks are not. If you find a belt with stripped cogs, it would tell you something in the cam drive system has jammed or stuck, overloading the belt and causing it to shear teeth or jump time. The most likely culprit is the camshaft, which may have seized due to engine overheating or lack of lubrication low oil level or loss of oil pressure.

Check the coolant level, oil level and maintenance records of the vehicle. When OHC cylinder heads get too hot, they usually swell up in the middle causing the cam to bend or bind. In some cases, this may serpdntine the cam, snap the timing belt 1999 ford escort zx2 serpentine belt wrench size shear the cam drive sprocket off the end of the cam. Make sure the replacement belt is identical to the seroentine. Belt length, width, College sluts round ass profile and pitch must be the same, and the material must be the same or better. Use a quality brand forv belt because some no-name brands use inferior materials that won't last as long flrd the OEM belt or a quality aftermarket belt.

When changing a belt, never attempt to "stretch" a belt over a pulley. Belts, remember, do not stretch and forcing one to do so will likely damage the cords and cause it to fail. Also, never pound on a sprocket to force it into place. If it isn't sliding into place, check alignment and fit. Misalignment problems in the cam drive can also occur if the cam sprocket is installed backwards, the wrong thickness of washer is used incorrect end playa thrust button is forgotten or the crank sprocket is not positioned properly on its keyway. Belt tension is critical to belt longevity. Adjust to the recommended specifications always refer to the manual because the amount of recommended play can vary depending on the application.

If the belt is too tight, it won't last. If the belt too loose, it may jump time. Belt replacement is recommended any time the cylinder head has to come off of the engine, or when replacing a water pump that is driven off the timing belt. In both cases, the belt has to be removed anyway to make the other repairs so there's no extra labor required to change the belt - and it will save your customer the cost of having the belt replaced later on. But sometimes errors occur in printed manuals, which makes life interesting for the poor guy who doesn't know the manual is incorrect. On the arm of that tensioner, there is a square hole to insert a small breaker bar or a ratchet.

Insert the tool and use it to lever the tensioner and release the tension. How do you replace a serpentine belt in a Pontiac Sunfire SE 2. If you have someone there to help you, you can also put the belt around all the pulleys except the one on the alternator and have your helper slip the belt over the alt. Markjamess 97 Contributions How do you replace your seat belt on a 99 Ford Explorer?

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Removing driver side seat belt: Move the seat as close to the steering wheel as possible to expose the rear of the sliding seat rails. Pop off 1999 ford escort zx2 serpentine belt wrench size two covers at the end of each rail to expose two more 10mm bolts securing the seat to the floor. Next, remove the plastic cover with a Rord symbol on it forv the rear of the seat belt guide rail. Removing the aforementioned cover will allow access to a large Torx bolt just below the rear of the center console. Remove this large Torx bolt, unplug any electrical wires below the seat, and remove the entire seat from the Explorer.

With the seat out, you can use the same Torx wrench to unscrew the seat belt itself from the seat. Reassembly is the opposite of disassembly. R 15, Contributions How do you tell if the belt needs replaced in a Ford Windstar? If there are missing pieces or cracks, it's time to replace the belt. Kjacobs73 8 Contributions What is the recommended mileage for the replacement of the timing belt on Ford Explorer? Godagesil Rex 13 Contributions How do you replace the timing belt on ford explore?