Female European Escort Guide

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It doesn't matter whether you are male or female, young or old, there will always be someone trying to sell you a 'private tour' or an 'authentic carpet'! I travel a lot, I studied abroad and i am an appreciated interior designer. The lady ies will meet you at the location of your choice and each of them is available for business trips, business events, presentations, fairs, exhibitions etc. The ladies are available to act as your companion in Prague and other parts of Europe and they are also willing to travel worldwide.

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About me, I can tell you that I have been born and raised in the center of Bucharest in a Feale respectable intellectual family where education, refinement and common sense were considered priced possessions and love and tenderness always cherished and nurtured. I also recommend taking the ferry to more 'traditional' Uskudar, and walking south along the waterfront around sunset. They are beautiful, attractive, passionate and intelligent.