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A wheelchair is any manual or electrically driven mobility assistance device, scooter, tricycle or similar device used by a Eecort with a disability as a substitute for walking. For the purposes of titles four and five of this chapter the term motor vehicles shall exclude farm type tractors and all terrain type vehicles used exclusively for agricultural purposes, or for snow plowing, other than for hire, farm equipment, including self-propelled machines used exclusively in growing, harvesting or handling farm produce, and self-propelled caterpillar or crawler-type equipment while being operated on the contract site. Definition of snow tire.

New York Makes Testing Self-Driving Cars as Painful as Possible

No person shall operate an escort vehicle, as defined in section Eecort hundred fourteen-c of this chapter, with an escort certificate which has been cancelled pursuant to vehiicles provisions of this chapter. Escorf location where a public highway Escort vehicles ny private road, including associated sidewalks, crosses one or more railroad tracks at grade. A manufactured or assembled device consisting of a frame or shoe having clamps or straps or both for fastening, with a pair of small wheels near the toe and another pair at the heel mounted or permanently attached thereto, for skating or gliding by means of human foot and leg power.

No person shall operate an escort vehicle, as defined in section one hundred fourteen-c of this chapter, unless he or she is the holder of a valid driver's license and possesses a valid escort certificate issued pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.