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It really makes you appreciate the comforts we have at home! Xian - We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

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It was perfectly acceptable, but not as nice as the several Shangri-La's that we stayed at. Terracotta Warriors - Amazing! The scale of the pits is just incredible. Sacred Way of Ming Tombs - This was just like a walk through a park, with statues either side of the walkway. Very pleasant due to the great weather, but you are no where near the actual tombs.

Dinner was enjoyable too, with good seats at the front. Eecort were left small gifts on the pillow each Escort jewel toronto. Shibaozhai Temple - About Escort jewel toronto 15 min walk from the ship, through a market, then across a suspension bridge, to get to the temple. To get to the top, it means climbing the nine flights of steep rickety stairs inside. Three Gorges - Transfer onto a Escott boat for the cruise toonto the gorges. Back on the ship, in the evening it takes 4 hours to get through the huge Three Gorges Locks.

The Three Gorges Dam was quite impressive, although we couldn't see the full expanse of the dam, due to mist. School Visit - Interesting. I took small gifts for the children, but unfortunately had estimated class sizes similar to the UK, so took 40 gifts - but the classes in China can have up to 70 children per class. Therefore, I did not distribute the gifts, just left them with the teacher on the way out. On leaving the school, I noticed there was a box at the gate, for you to leave the gifts - then they are all distributed at a later date.

We appeared to be in the minority, however, as most other people had not taken gifts. I'm sure there must be something more interesting Viking could find to do in Wuhan although I'm not a great fan of museums, so this is just my opinion! Again, this was fine, but not as good as the Shangri-La's. Shanghai Museum - Another Museum, but this was better than the one in Wuhan. Acrobat Show - Excellent!