Escort Gps Radar

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Escort’s New Radar Detector Spots Cops and Red-Light Cameras

But what about increasingly common red light cameras? The Max doesn't actually spot g;s, but it knows they're there all the same, tapping into a Escort gps radar Escort has built with rafar from unspecified third Escorrt. As you approach a camera-armed intersection, the unit gives you a voice Escorg, just in case you were thinking about pushing a yellow light. And those pesky planes? You'd need a massive antenna to pick up an aircraft thousands of feet overhead, but Escort's data includes known air patrol areas. That's not any more helpful than posted signs warning you about those patrols, but hey, more data never hurts.

On top of that info, Escort's doing some Waze-like crowdsourcing, with its app. Escort's made some hardware changes, too. When the Max does beep in alarm, it also tells you where it's coming from, with an arrow on its small screen that points to the front, the rear, or the side. Escort's main competitor, Valentine, has had this feature for years, but its patent recently expired. And a new magnetic mount lets you easily detach the unit and hide it in your glove box without taking down the whole window suction cup mount. If you get a speeding ticket despite its best efforts, Escort will pay you back.

Lead-footed brethren, go ahead and step on it. A little pre-emptive protection goes a Escort gps radar way in keeping that hard earned cash in your pocket. In my case, I have been using an Escort iX and I love it. This rig gets me a solid 3-mile warning on the front side of the car. The problem is my family car only has one really, one 12v accessory port at the front of the car, and it's on the floor. Using a splitter, I can get two devices to run without popping the fuse, the 3-way splitters kill it everytime. The iQ unit eliminates that, you have one unit that does both radar and GPS.

With the GPS capability, as you approach a red light, speed trap or speed camera, that info is presented to you, just like the Passport iX. An added benefit is the large 5" screen that provides basic information when in radar only mode, such as speed limit, selectable over-speed warning and detection type. Instant-on radar makes it really hard to get a warning before you are zapped, since the radar is only firing when the button is triggered. With the Escort, I have noticed a distinct pattern of picking up residual radar from instant-on radar as far as a mile away, giving time to check your speed and slow down if need be.

The GPS navigation functions are what you would expect from a first offering; it looks good, functions well and has a good search function that provide phone number contact info.