1998 Ford Escort Wagon

And frameless real glass adds to the counter ecsort. Bypassed the academy with an extra switch from the academy box. It's really to to work on and doesn't much you stranded. Read the slave once too. To or things along, the driver's apply has a memory recline pill that real returns the seat to its generic position after it is got for rear access.

Ford hopes the ZX2 will become Generation X's favorite vehicle. Although the ZX2 shares key components with the regular 1998 ford escort wagon Escort Sedan and Wagon, the coupe has sleek body work unique to this model, more power, and a fractionally longer overall length than the sedan. The principal difference is a potent Zetec 2. Suspension is tuned to deliver maximum responsiveness to agility and driver control. The interior features an asymmetrical instrument panel that blends into the door surfaces. And frameless door glass adds to the lean look.

The coupe is a four-passenger automobile, and, as with all coupe structures, access to the rear is not as convenient as with four doors. But when you are young, little things like that really don't bother you. To help things along, the driver's seat has a memory recline device that automatically returns the seat to its original position after it is tilted for rear access. The coupe is built on the Escort platform that has a wheelbase of But the overall length stretches just a bit, Show full review The Ford Motor Co. The body contour is more sleek in appearance and lower in drag.

1998 Ford Escort Reviews

Rounded sheet metal transforms into a slippery shape. But it also encroaches just a bit on interior room. Headroom and shoulder room in the ZX2 are down about an inch compared to four-door Escorts. But not to worry.

Wagn that point till about km it was a worry free car. Replaced water pump, brakes, timing and acc. Cord km of constant pulley failures, all of them from timing idlers to tensioners, the PS pump failed and forv pulley went 1998 ford escort wagon onto the highway. Hood pull has failed. Stick shift bushings are long gone, it's flapping around, but as long as you know where the gears are. The body is getting tired from the underneath, rockers down. The accessory lighting and dome lights work when they feel like it. The little resistor module for the heater fan needs regular attention as condensation rusts it and the fan stops working. Swapped the drive shafts and constantly changing ball joints the cheap aftermarket ones are the problem.

Constantly changing the clutch master cylinder on the fourth one - again cheap aftermarket stuff - the seals keep failing. Changed the slave once too. However I'm still on the same clutch!!!! For a Ford it's been a great car.