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There were striking parallels in the lives of the Murphys and Porters, not the least of which was the fact that both Gerald and Cole were married homosexual men. Well, not everything was wonderful. It was about this time that Porter tested positive for syphilis. The princess, based in Paris, was heir to the singer sewing machine fortune. She was a captivating lesbian married to a homosexual and financially destitute prince, who was himself a talented amateur composer. For five summers during the s, the Porters descended upon Venice, renting the fabulous Palazzo Rezzonico. During the summer of Cole became completely smitten with Boris Kochno, a Russian poet, librettist and Ballet Russes dancer who was Diaghilev's collaborator.

Their correspondence survives, and Porter comes across as a love-sick puppy. Soon thereafter, Porter returned to the U. While living in New York, Porter found that paying for sex was less complicated emotionally, and it allowed him to indulge his taste in sailors, marines and assorted prostitutes. The Steinway grand, with a hand decorated Rob rodin escort case, was a gift from the hotel in Upon Porter's death inthe piano went downstairs to the lobby. Monty Woolley, who often joined Cole to cruise New York City's waterfront bars and bordellos, recounted that one night, a young sailor they approached by car asked outright, "Are you two cocksuckers?

Not to mention architect Ed Tauch, director John Wilson and longtime friend Ray Kelly, whose children still receive half of Porter's copyright royalties. Porter was not discrete. A recent biography recounts that in his later years, Cole kept "breaking appliances so he could lure cute repairmen into his lair". As well, Scotty Bowers's recent Hollywood tell-all recounts that Porter had a decided taste for giving oral sex to Marines while suffering verbal abuse and humiliation. The homosexual relations were not casual.

All of Porter's sexual activity was homosexual, and he became more brazen in the more open and permissive atmosphere of Hollywood. Linda reacted by staying away from California, sailing back and forth between her residences in Paris and New York. She was quietly making plans to divorce Cole. Then inCole was involved in a tragic horse riding accident and fractured both his legs. This was especially debilitating and humiliating to the ego of a vain man who placed enormous value on looks and a dashing appearance for both social and sexual reasons. He was in the hospital for months as his mental and physical health waned. He was in constant pain from his leg injuries and underwent 34 operations, all ultimately unsuccessful.

Linda changed her plans and returned to Cole's side; they shared quarters at the Waldorf Towers in NYC, and before long he returned to writing songs. Porter hired a driver and a personal assistant, who tended to details such as getting Cole into and out of wheelchairs, elevators and buildings. Frank Walsh, a soldier stationed at Governors Island, recalled attending a party at Porter's Lido Beach residence, describing it as "a drinking and sex party, nearly orgiastic, with fifty or more soldiers kissing, drinking and engaging in lots of very graphic sex. Cole Porter portrait by Richard Avedon, Inhe lent his permission to the movie project Night and Day, allegedly about the life of Cole Porter.

Although a great boost to his ego, the plot was a wildly fictionalized biography. His friends thought it hysterically funny, knowing the divide between fact and fiction. According to friends, Cole enjoyed the movie's wildly fictional account, and he especially savored having closeted movie star Cary Grant play a heroic, straight version of himself. Fortunately Porter did not live to see the film De-Lovely, a wretched misstatement of facts and an utter bore. I do not know how it was possible to make the extravagant, over-the-top lives of Cole and Linda Porter, portrayed by Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd, appear so dull.

Porter's greatest hit musical came late in his career. Auden even called it a much better piece of theater than The Taming of the Shrew! The film was originally released in 3-D. She died after a long illness from chronic respiratory problems at their apartment in the Waldorf Towers in NYC. Although they had separated only to reunite several times, they remained devoted to each other.

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He was given Linda's Williamsport, Massachusetts, estate outright escoft belowas well roidn all of Linda's personal belongings. Rob rodin escort, Porter descended into further creative silence and social isolation rscortwhen his right leg was finally amputated. Porter was embarrassed and incapacitated by the surgery. It recently served as a luxury escoet, with tennis courts and a 30' X 50' swimming pool. It has since gone off the market. The Porters had lived in several apartments at the Rodkn Towers from tobut Cole moved into this much larger unit just after the death of Linda. When Porter moved to apartment Ahe hired Billy Baldwin to do the interior design work.

After Cole Porter died, Frank Sinatra moved in. Quite a pedigree for Waldorf Towers apartment A floor-plan porn below. We have an event in September for postdoc alumni. It is rather expensive Marc: Maybe Stanford can provide some document that puts them as a guarantor. That can greatly help international postdocs who move from another and have no credit history in US. Many landlords often ask for credit history to rent an apartment. Some kind of loan program from Stanford, to help with that can be great. Most of the fellowships available are for US citizens. A lot of issues come up because of the non-student status of postdocs.

Employees get retirement benefits, sports and wellness center benefits. He recently had to take wilderness center first aid class, but it was not free for postdocs. The biggest idea that came out was with discussion with Sofie and Robin.

It was to put symposium at the end of NPAW, like the grand finale. They had more specific ideas around it. Symposium was too broad. It lowers the attendance rate Idil: Roodin have thought about tweaking the format. The idea of this was to show entire spectra of postdoc research Callie: We were trying to set a precedent for inclusion of people who are not in SOM. We can try to increase faculty participation, invite other institutions. OPA can be asked to give seed grant for a new collaborative idea coming out of the symposium!!! Have a symposium where postdocs talk about their research journey Iona: Teaching and outreach committee has some ideas Idil: Hear journey of faculty members and their definition of postdocs Deb: