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As I was no expert in verifying the condition of the parchment, which covered the skulls, I invited Alan Derbyshire, Head of Paper, Books and Paintings Conservation, to take a closer look. Alan examined the parchment skins possibly goat under magnification and confirmed they were in good condition. She noted that some of the beads appeared to have been restored in the past, as there were specks of modern glue on the edges. Other beads were set in some sort of white plaster type substance or gesso, which is not an unusual material for setting decorative parts to objects.

A closer look at each bead proved that they all had gas bubbles and dark swirls inside, indicating they were made of glass, since real turquoise would have neither. Chod is normally associated with Vajrayana Buddhism and is a type of meditation practice to cut through our ego. John mentioned Tantra ritual practices are a mixture of visualization, breath control, ritual gestures, mantras, or words of power and ritual is characteristic. Deity yoga employing the visualization of oneself as a deity is key to the process. Wrathful deities, the embodiment of inner forces that can overcome obstacles on the path are often shown holding skull cups and dressed in bone jewellery, These all have strong symbolic meanings, for example skull cups also symbolize emptiness and bliss.

Anne had never actually seen one before.

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You can see in the lkndon below how the escorh darmaru is supposed to look. It turns out that in Tantra the skull is recognised as a symbol which represents bliss and impermanence. The male and female union in Vajrayana Buddhism is symbolic of compassion and wisdom. The use of the skulls in the ceremony would be culturally thought to be very fortunate. Instead, we discovered that this drum is a highly symbolic representation of method and wisdom. In the right hand of a skilled Chod Buddhist practitioner — a ritual tool that is compassionately used in a ceremony which aims to help free sentient beings from suffering.

The Orgins of Yoga and Tantra: An Introduction, Oneworld, Related posts.