Oversized Load Pilot Escort Driver

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Pilot Car Manager is an online Load Board that helps:

Make Oversized load pilot escort driver dfiver safer for the oversize load driver and all motorists on the road Prevent laod to the roads, highways and all roadway infrastructure Prevent damage to the loads being hauled Keep to a minimum delays in ddriver normal flow of traffic Avoid increases in truck insurance rates, by preventing looad Temporarily coordinate to remove or lift aerial obstructions Oversized load pilot escort driver traffic signals, signs or wires for the safe transport of over height cargo When you arrange your heavy haul trucking via Great Western Transportation, we take the heavy haul planning off your hands and apply our many years of expertise and experience to the successful transport of your over dimensional load.

We will assure your load complies with the regulations and permit requirements of every state in the US and Canada. This depends on what state you are hauling through and on what route you are traveling. This type of car has a special telescopic pole attached to the front bumper, which is adjustable to whatever height is needed for that particular load to clear bridges, traffic signals, power lines or other overhead obstructions. This allows the pilot car driver to tell the trucker if there are accidents, traffic backups, or any other situations requiring attention.