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What If Guage male escort want to cancel? When you sign up, moon clerk will send you a link where you manage your subscription and you can pause or cancel your membership at any time! How Guag I maale bookings? Our clients will then be able to browse through your profile and contact malf directly if they escot interested. How will you contact me? Our primary contact method is via email. Also if you require any assistance, the best thing to do is send us an email. How and how much will I get paid for each booking? Payments will cash in hand unless requested by the client. Do I need to pay for myself or the client on the date? The client will cover all expenses, food, drink, tickets or any costs resulting from the booking.

However, escorts are responsible for ensuring their transport to and from the date. Although in rare circumstances we may be able to facilitate this. Will my privacy be protected? Your privacy is very important to us. Alpha Escorts is an independent agency and we are in no way affiliated to any other companies.

We require contact Guage male escort from you such as, a valid email address and a phone number so that we can contact you regarding booking requests. None of your details will be passed on to anyone under any circumstances. You are welcome to use an Guage male escort on your profile on our site, however you must let us know your real details or your application will be rejected. You can have your profile removed from our site immediately at anytime upon your request. Do I have to pay a sign up fee? Our sign up fees are very straight forward: This also helps with administration and maintaining the website. Our fees are very fair, and charging a small fee stops time wasters from applying!

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