Ford Throttle Position Sensor Transmission Escort

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The information is also used in determining static electronic pressure control EPC pressure setting during shifts. It receives a voltage signal which is reduced by the resistance of the sensor in accordance with temperature. The signal is then sent to the PCM which interprets the voltage signal to determine transmission fluid temperature. The TR sensor prevents the engine from being started except when the gearshift lever is in the park P or neutral N position. When the TCC solenoid is off, lockup is prevented.

98 2.0 Throttle Position Sensor

Lockup is actuated when the TCC solenoid escot on. To make a proper diagnosis Ford throttle position sensor transmission escort first need to get our tools in order. The main and only item in the tool list is what is called an ohm volt meter. Once you have throftle the TPS sensor, turn on the ignition, do not start the car, make sure the volt meter is on twelve volts DC. Once you find this disconnect it completely from the throttle position sensor. There are three prongs; the center prong is usually the negative connector.

Once this is done, take the volt meter and connect the negative side usually the black wire to the ground terminal on the battery. When this is done take the positive lead, usually the red wire and attach it to one of the other prongs. The volt meter should read five volts, if you are on the reference wire for the TPS. If it reads anything below five volts then you are on the signal wire and need to go to the other prong in the connector. Even was able to return the replacement PCM which came in today, as it was the wrong one anyway.

I can not believe how much this sensor affects the car. The PCM apparently relies on it very heavily ;osition tons of things. First thing Transmiswion noticed right away, was the idle returned to normal, if a bit lower than I had ever noticed it before, but still smooth. Driving the car, I noticed throttle response was much better than it ever was, almost immediate. My transmission upshifting problem stopped, and it is shifting noticably better. From what I have read, the PCM uses this also to time shifting, so I was happy for that, noboby likes transmission problems.