Ford Escort Estate Car

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Equipped with the less powerful push-rod eshate Kent push-rod engine, the Mexico was named after the Escort's greatest win of the London to Mexico World Cup Rally.

Similar in looks to the RS apart from the contrasting stripes, it had the same reinforced body, suspension and brakes. The engine was the estte powerful cc pushrod Kent engine with 86bhp, giving just on mph, With a maximum of mph, 60mph arrived in 9 seconds. It was and is still loved Ford escort estate car a great road car, and had a much smoother engine than the RS with a better interior. The E Escort was added to the GT and Sport in and had a more comfortable upmarket interior with limited edition paint, including that extraordinary purple many people remember, the model having a fscort following in For years. Mechanical eestate availability is good, while Ford escort estate car specialists will look after careful restoration of many rusted bodyshells.

With rack and pinion steering, a brilliant gearchange and rear wheel drive, the Mk1 Escort on cross-ply tyres of the time was and continues to be a fun car to drive. Only the old 1. This range eventually petered out in What You Get There are so many derivatives it's difficult to know where to start. Early examples are little more than practical transport. Later cars, cabriolets, XR3i models and RS variants are by contrast, surprisingly entertaining. Either way, you'll get yourself a good, reliable family car for not much money. What You Pay Please fill in the form here for an exact up-to-date information.

What to Look For Many examples suffer from starter motor and alternator problems. You may also expect uneven tyre wear and water leaks. Check that the carpets in the front and rear load deck are dry and that there is no rust beneath them. While you're at it, check for rust under the wheelarches and on the battery tray. If the car you're looking at has completed over 36, miles, also examine the camshaft belt for signs of wear. Bright colours tend to hold their value for longer. Avoid dowdy green or mustard hues.

Normally aspirated diesels are slow and noisy, so avoid them. Don't settle for a 1. Many examples will of course have had company use. Yet he wanted to retain most of the semblance of an original road-going incarnation so as not to show his hand when he pulled up at the staging lights. At this point in time the engine of choice in the classic Ford drag circles was the 2.

Weighting In The Wings: A Featherweight Estate

Dave weighed every single piece that he took off Ford escort estate car car so that he had a good idea in his mind of what the Escort would tip the scales at once it was finished. The original bonnet, doors and bootlid were discarded in favour of carbon fibre items. Out went all of the glass too, to be replaced by plastic. The wipers and most of the external trims are also long gone. In order to keep the car looking like a car, lightweight carbon fibre front and rear quarter bumpers were added in place of the original full metal bumpers.

The 7-inch wide rear wheels that the car ran the quarter mile on are fitted with sticky Mickey Thompson drag radials.