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The result was that the engines used different pistons. Another difference was enngine the US engines featured sinter forged connecting Code engine escort lx versus conventional cast rods in Europe. After small changes in to enginne this problem the engine was known as the Zetec-E. This engine received a plastic inlet manifold and EGR derived from the Mondeo. The Zetec had another redesign in This version, the Zetec-R, had a two-piece crankcase which helped damp out noise and vibration, conventional tappets with shims rather than hydraulic ones, and longer connecting rods with a lower piston compression height. Production of the Zeta family lasted from September through December Displacement ranged from 1.

Ford Power Products sells the Zeta in 1.

Ford Zetec engine

esvort Although the block and cylinder head are thermally stable, the coolant outlet housing for Ckde thermostat is not. It is bolted to the surface of the cylinder head on the right side of the engine with engibe bolts. The mating Code engine escort lx seals to the cylinder head Code engine escort lx a rubber O-ring style gasket. The O-ring enyine held in place by a lip on the housing which is prone to cracking. The immediate inner portion of the housing will exhibit pitting and bubbling. Over time, pieces of the lip will break off, releasing plastic fragments into the cooling system. These fragments have not been known to cause any severe damage to the cooling system but the damaged lip on the housing will cause the O-ring seal to rupture.

This allows coolant to leak out onto the upper transmission bell housing. The failure can result in severe loss of coolant. It involves the use of a more durable housing made for an earlier model of Zetecs. The lighter housing still specified by Ford Parts has not been corrected for the design flaw.

European versions of the carburettor CVH from model year were revised and, like sscort new 1. The Code engine escort lx engine was substantially smoother than enine normally aspirated cousins, the forced induction helping to damp out unpleasant harmonics. The block was slightly modified to ld an oil return from the turbocharger. Crankshaft and connecting rods were identical to the lesser 1. These are manufactured using a pressure Cose method, which makes them considerably stronger and more expensive than the normal cast pistons. The pistons dropped the compression ratio to 8. Even today, some 20 years after its release, new ways are being developed to extract even more performance.

There are not many differences from the 1. The cylinder head was equipped with hydraulic roller camshaft followers to reduce noise and help the engine to run more smoothly. This stroke length was later used in the 2. This long stroke necessitated a raised engine block deck, a design also shared with later units. The camshaft and water pump are driven by the timing belt. This engine is of a non-interference design: This engine developed a good reputation for performance and surviving GTs of this generation are quite fun to drive.