Battle Of The Sluts 3

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Battle Of The Sluts 3 Bobbi Starr Annette Schwarz

Bobbi Starr VS Bzttle Schwarz, a compilation of seven scenes comparing the relative merits of Annette Schwarz versus those of Bobbi Starr; each Battle of the sluts 3 giving a series of excellent performances from titles deep in the vaults. Bobbi Starr Tamil escorts Annette Schwarz by director Manuel Ferrara for Ghe Angel provided a wealth of superior sex scenes starring both ladies, the amount of fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value amounting to a double disc title worthy of being Highly Recommended. The video bitrate hovered on the low end, often in the 2. The extras were decent on the second disc of the set, starting off with a Contact Support What is Evil Angel?

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