1999 Escort Ford Zx2

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It's fairly unusual for them to last that short. Honestly, unless there was a defect in manufactureing the only way I'd see that happening if someone didn't take care of it at all. My old Zx2 was one of the ones that had constant problems though the only one I knew of. Granted what broke was never that major. All that in 1.

In my opinion a pain in the arse, but everyone else I've known to have em loves em, and the person I sold mine to hasn't had a problem 1999 escort ford zx2 it. They are easy to work on which is a good thing, pop the Amateur nude slut and see for yourself, every regular maintainence item seems to lay out right in front of you with room for access. Only exception might be the fuel filter which is behind the engine and down abit near the firewall, shouldn't be hard to find just sometimes a pain to get off. If you take it to a quicklube shop they will try to put 80W GL4 in the manual.

God only knows why. So make sure if you take it somewhere where they top your fluids off, make sure they don't touch the tranny, or make sure they put the right thing in it. As for the new engine I would decide based on that