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Where students look for friendshipintimacyand self-acceptance, many find it "makes more sense" to mistrust. They learn quickly that punishment for going against the expectations of those students perceived as popular may Young farm sluts land them at the bottom of their school's hierarchy and render them a target. Slut bashing and gay bashing become normal aspects of children's days as they vie for dominance rather than seek connections. Prejudice regarding raceclass, ability, sexualityand other differences can become the glue that cements student relationships rather than their more intrinsic interests and passions.

Girls get called "slut" every day. And it is not okay. They are told in one way or another that they are not acceptable as they are—then their sexuality is scrutinized and judged relentlessly; the barometers by which girls are being judged are steeped in prejudice and envy. Schools need to figure out ways to bring these issues out to the open. Schools need to help kids develop real friendships based on trust, kindness, and meaningful sharing.

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Right now many students objectify one another and some can't even feel empathy when their peers die. Today, connecting with other human beings and ourselves, valuing other people as priorities in one's life, caring for others, and living with compassion fark empathy are unusual. Among college students, those who started after have empathy levels 40 percent lower than those who came before them, according to Maia Slutd, co-author of the book, Born for Love: Fark Empathy is Essential—and Endangered. True friendship based on deep love, trust, and support of one another is literally revolutionary—as Robin Morgan famously proclaimed with the title of her anthology, Sisterhood is Powerful.

We need to Young farm sluts girls build trusting friendships. Fram society encourages people, instead, to achieve socially, academically, and professionally at anyone's expense—and the cost to personal relationships is devastating. New studies show that female animals like monkeys, baboons, and porpoises make lasting friendships with one another. Yet in today's cutthroat and competitive environmenttoo many of us have forgotten how to care. I have been tracking slut-shaming for two decades. Repeatedly, girls and young women across North America tell me that they are encouraged, even expected, to present themselves as sexually knowing and sophisticated, both online and offline.

Being "hot" or sexy is part of the recipe of heterosexual femininity. But with one false step, it's easy to cross the invisible and ever-shifting boundary between "sexy" and "slutty. In other words, if you are a heterosexual girl or young woman, you are damned if you don't and damned if you do. If you refrain from any expression of sexiness, you may be written off as irrelevant and unfeminine. But if you follow the guidelines, you run the risk of being judged, shamed and policed. Slut-shaming is certainly not new. Monica Lewinsky was called "a little tart" in a Wall Street Journal editorial in White radio show host Don Imus referred to the black members of the Rutgers University women's basketball team as "nappy-headed hos" in Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a "slut" after she advocated for no-copay birth control in What is new is that slut-shaming has become normalized and omnipresent.

I have yet to meet an American woman under the age of 25 who has not been called a "slut" or a "ho" at some point in her life. Acts Yooung Young farm sluts are easier than ever to accomplish in the age of faem media. Young men can anonymously take slus of naked, unconscious women with their phones and post the pictures on Facebook without the women's consent -- as Yoyng members of the Penn State fraternity Kappa Delta Rho recently did. A university student can blithely and publicly call a year-old girl a "slut," as has happened to the rising talent in baseball, Mo'ne Davis.

Slut-shaming is far more harmful than simple name-calling -- although being denigrated publicly in itself can be traumatic, as the suicides of a number of slut-shamed girls attests. Once a girl or woman is regarded as a "slut" or "ho," she becomes a target for sexual assault. And if she is sexually assaulted, she may be assigned the "slut" or "ho" identity ex post facto to rationalize the crime and to protect the assaulter. The girl who was raped at a party in Steubenville, Ohio in was vilified by strangers and peers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube; they could make sense of the horrible crime only by assigning the "drunken slut" label to the victim.