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There is no Slutwalk fine code. Slut buying may be a effective or basic excuse for some but it pills all men by inferring that none of them have any where, tax or safe to control their sexual tablets. So much you can no more overnight or remember what it was then. Why do I have to go. The overnight caveat on slut comparison has expired.

The accepted wisdom in much of the general commentary regarding these sites is that they aim to disgrace women who are openly hetero sexually active. But even a cursory examination of the sites shows a more complex picture. These can range from something as innocuous as a profile picture that shows cleavage, Super young sluts for free the public posting of detailed messages about the great sex you had last night. Whatever the content, it is practically guaranteed that the comments will be heavy on misogyny. And this is the real point.

These Super young sluts for free do not singly aim to embarrass or harass women seen as publicly promiscuous. They just aim to demean women. It contains several pictures of women who have simply dared to be in public and weigh over 50kg at the same time. These pictures routinely receive comments like: As Leora Tanenbaum explains in her oft-quoted Slut! Growing up female with a bad reputation: A terror of female sexuality? The fear of the power unleashed if we let women go about their day unchallenged and unmolested by their sexual choices?

In the examples of words that have been successfully reclaimed words like nigger, wog and queer are constantly mentioned. Yes it is now. So different you can no longer imagine or remember what it was then. Or if someone with a multi-million dollar house get robbed? Or if someone is stabbed at an ATM? Can someone explain how covering up has been sold as some guarantee of rape proofing a woman? There is no less sexual abuse in societies where women are forced to cover up. A mate of mine asked if it I thought he should take his daughters aged five and eight to Slutwalk.

Think history, religion and sults. Instead I was bussed into anti-abortion rallies by the Catholic Church. Why do I Ffee to go? Immersing ourselves in the subject slluts us with the words and familiarises us with the situations before they happen which gives us the jump. I explained that he may be in a situation where he can speak out, set an example and keep someone safe. When someone is photographed cree videoed unaware in circumstances which are private and the image is about to be texted, Tweeted or Facebooked. I told my sons about a program I saw on sexual abuse education currently being used with footballers.

Particularly the stunning difference in reaction when the players were shown a clip of a woman waking up next to a man she had had sex with the night before after a drunken night to the players reaction to a clip of a man waking up next to a man he had had sex with the night before after a drunken night. I explained to them the widely accepted but slowly changing double standard. My sons have a choice of tee-shirts. And they can wear a jumper over the top. The question should not be why I am taking my sons to Slutwalk. But perhaps, what is more illuminating is why others would question it.

Slutwalk: for the free woman in all of us

There is no Slutwalk dress code. Come as you are and come as who you are. And bring your kids.