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But my weeks were demonstrating. Some he made me sit down on my disciplines and he told me to fine him. With slowing real strokes he kept all his man seed into me. Free 5 minutes how a text comes over the academy, a single word, "Results!.

After sliding in, he is ready to drive. A nice slap on the ass indicates that I am to begin the rhythmic pumping along with him. Deep, strong, full length strokes is what he wants. In silence he gets a little faster and I know within a few minutes this experience will be over. The first words are spoken when I break the silence begging him to breed my hole with his sperm. With that his strokes become determined and direct, forceful, and demanding, I can feel the objectification the thoughts going through his mind about his own needs and the lack of consideration of my own.

With ever so slight moans and body Ebony escorts washington dc his thrusts slow and his penetration goes as deep as he can go. He is breeding his slut, leaving his glorious seed Sluts in wet clothes me. His rhythmic motions stop with his manhood buried inside me. He wants his cock to grow soft and be expelled naturally from my cum filled hole so that as little as possible leaks out. Without a word, he puts on his clothes and exits. What a wonderful start to the day I thought. I check my phone and there are three messages from another regular thug and a voice mail from a third. Most of these guys have been out the night before until God knows what time and usually are sleeping in.

I respond to one who wants to use my throat and invite him to come right over. Why not, I'm ready and my motor is running, may as well make them cum when they are ready. The second is one of those that wanted to go into the park to fuck. This one I'd have to explain the situation and beg him to come over anyway and we'd explore together. With nearly an immediate response from the first, he said he would arrive in 10 minutes so I went back to my position; hooded and on my knees awaiting his arrival. The other explained that he had to run home for a few minutes and would send me a text when he was on his way.

Ten minutes passed and then fifteen, I waited patiently once again preparing my mind and body to worship the cock that was to enter next. What's interesting about this one is he said he told his girlfriend about me. The fact that I am the owned property of another, locked in chastity, hooded and on my knees servicing men for their pleasure was very intriguing to his girlfriend. I don't know if he really did tell her, but I did invite him to bring her along sometime to watch while I serviced him if that was of interest. He hasn't done that as of yet. The door opens and with no talking once again clothes are shed and my mouth is filled with yet another cock. This one I know is going to deliver it's precious load into my throat.

This one is a very good cock to suck as it has a clohes wide girth Sltus it and it can go deep enough to go into the deep recesses of the throat. But my thug doesn't do any of the work. No thrusts, he just grabs the back of my head and directs how I should take his cock. Within a few minutes Sluts in wet clothes can tell he is ready. Fully extended, he grabs the back of my head and gently pulls my head as deep as cloothes can over his cock and I feel the back of Sexy dating site throat open to accept the head.

Then the pulsing starts. His manhood delivers my reward. I can feel clkthes cock pulse with every clthes of sperm delivered. Five, six, seven times his member unloads the contents of his pent up testicles in my throat. He pulls out, puts on his Sluts in wet clothes and leaves. About 5 minutes later a text comes over the phone, a single word, "Thanks! I reply, "My pleasure. This is the way every slut should start their morning, no? My third thug arrived and he and I do converse and talk about all sorts of things. We don't use a hood anymore. He is a very nice guy, married, with children, and has an insatiable sex drive.

It made me choke and his penis is hitting my windpipe. After 10 minutes he came in my mouth and he make me drink his cum. I like the taste. Then he asked me for sex but i told him to wait for some more time. Then next day he again fingered me and then remove my clothes and placed his mouth on my pussy lips and started sucking me. It felt so good. I was moaning and then i released He did not stop sucking and i was trembling and becoming more horny. Then he placed his cock on my pussy. I tried to stop him but only by my mouth. My pussy was shouting please fuck me. He laid me on the bed and give a thrust.

Some of his penis goes in my pussy. It hurts me a lot and i was trying to shout at the top of my voice but my lips were in his mouth and my voice was suppressed. He again thrusts and after more thrust his penis is fully inserted in my pussy. This break hymen layer and i was feeling like as some sword is inserted in my vagina and it is about to tore me in half. He remained there for some time. And after some time he again started fucking me. But this time it felt so good. I was enjoying it and my ass was working with the same rhythem of his strokes. He fucked me for about 5 minutes and told me he is about to cum. He took his penis out and ejacuate in my mouth.

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But my legs were hurting. And i was not able to walk properly. After some day we fucked again and it felt incredible too.