Older Ford Escort Gas Milage

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A friend has an '05 Forrester - back when it was a tall wagon with off road abilities rather than a CUV. Seems to be a good car. The Honda fit holds an obscene amount of stuff for such a small car with the seats folded down and more than 30mpg in real world driving again, look at fuelly.

Ford Escort Specifications

The Honda Element doesn't get great mileage, but Older ford escort gas milage hold a lot of stuff. Kia Spectra5 were good cars. The Spectra5 has a huge cargo capacity with the rear seats folded. As mentioned, the Hyundai Elentra Touring is a solid car based on the European i30 I think, it isn't actually an Elantra. Thinking of european based cars sold here, Older ford escort gas milage Saturn Astra is actually an Opel Astra. Pretty reliable by all accounts. We only got the hp engine good mpg. I test drove a base model five door and it was actually a hoot to drive with a very German feel.

I actually liked it better than the same year Golf. The Jetta Wagon TDI was mentioned - they are expensive to maintain at the dealer, but independant shops aren't that bad. Family friends had may be still driving? I purchased mine for a number of reasons, the low and inexpensive maintenance, and excellent long term reliability were definitely things that swayed me to the Scuby well, that is what my right-foot tells my brain anyways. The is costly being brand new but gets much better mileage than the older ones. But the sport-back Lancer isn't a terrible car actually it is a fine car. New Focus 5 door is light years ahead of the old Focus.

People in the NW love their Subarus, but they seem unnecessarily complex if you don't need 4x4. Personally, I'd stay away from all of those. While they may be cheaper to maintain per maintenance, safey and emission standards have improved considerably since then. Although the basic silhouette was the same, it was almost completely different from the European version, apart from the Ford CVH engine. There was a 1. It also came with a 5-speed transmission, TRX handling package, front and rear spoilers, metric-sized alloy wheels and fog lights.

Also beginning with the model year, the Ford Older ford escort gas milage received the option of the turbocharged 1. GT models featured a high output engine with revised intake manifold, cylinder head and a real header available only with a manual transmission. The Lynx was retired forbut was replaced by the Mazda -derived Tracer model. Three-door hatchback models had a curving windowline along the side towards the rear of the car. The engine was also updated with a slightly revised camshaft and roller lifters. The new design is commonly referred to as the " Finding some popularity during the final three years of this generation was the Pony model, which was the least-expensive U.