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He and his men traveled across the open prairies to the Great Bend of the Arkansas river, and then following that waterway into Colorado. In the vicinity of present-day LaJunta, the party forded the Arkansas River and entered into a foreign land, owned by Spain. Following a well-worn Indian trail, the men and mules struggled Military escort wagon specs kansas the heights of Raton Pass. The group eventually bumped into group of soldiers out of Santa Fe. They were escorted on into Santa Fe. If Spain had still been in control, they would have been promptly arrested, relieved of their trade goods and most likely imprisoned.

However, they were told at once that Mexican Independence had been realized and free trade across the international boundary was now allowed and was actively encouraged. Becknell and his group followed what would later become known as the Cimarron Route. This was the only wagon road to Santa Fe until the s, when the Mountain Branch was opened. From a delegation of Mexican merchants was in Washington, D. In fact, just the opposite can be stated as evidenced by the touted payload capacities within the period literature. Certainly, as manufacturers approached the 20th century, the higher clearances were not as necessary and standardization between manufacturers was more consistent.

Did narrow-tired chuck dagon have problems with tires working loose easier than wider tires? It should be noted that vintage chuck wagons Militqry been regularly documented with tire rivets installed between the felloes and tire to prevent this from being an issue. Loose tires, like flats Military escort wagon specs kansas modern automobiles, were not Militaey issues of the day and would have been planned for by most responsible long Military escort wagon specs kansas travelers. While Milittary trail wagon images are tougher to come by, there are significant numbers of 19th century ranch chuck wagon photos with narrow tires. Beyond familiarity with the look of tires in this size range, researchers can determine actual measurements of tire widths in the photos bycomparing the tires to other known and generally accepted measurements on the wagon The story profiles a wagon gear uncovered in from a steamboat headed west in Before it reached its destination, it sank in the Missouri River near Kansas City.

It's an amazing piece that is likely the earliest surviving factory-built western wagon in America. The feature-length article comes to the conclusion that all available data points to this being a Peter Schuttler creation. Distance between bolster standards is 38" and the wheel track is 56" - all consistent with typical western wagon dimensions showing up in later 19th century catalogs of virtually all major wagon makers.

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Coincidentally, this same question regarding the use of wide tires versus narrow tires shows up in 19th century discussions as well. Authored by John J. On pagesthe author examines the virtues of both narrow and wide wagon tires. As an interesting side note Nowhere in the lengthy list of wagon topics is the subject of tire width covered. It's doubtful that the subject was overlooked if considered an important question to travelers.