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Johnston scored four hits phoros the heavy Jwpanese, then broke off as the Japanese destroyer squadron was seen closing rapidly on the American escort carriers. The Johnston engaged the lead ship until it quit, then the second until the remaining enemy units broke off to get out of effective gun range before launching torpedoes, all of which missed. One round punched through the thin side armor of Johnston and cut a hole through the engine room. Her speed was cut in half. The enemy ships closed in for an easy kill, pouring fire into the crippled destroyer. Evans, who had shifted his command to Johnston's fantail, was yelling orders through an open hatch to men turning her rudder by hand.

At one of her batteries, a crewman kept calling "More shells! They made a sort of running semicircle around our ship, shooting at us like a bunch of Indians attacking a prairie schooner. Our lone engine and fire room was knocked out; we lost all power, and even the indomitable skipper knew we were finished. A survivor saw the Japanese captain salute her as she went down, considering her an honorable enemy. That was the end of Johnston. Roberts spotted Evans at the fantail, asking "isn't that their captain", waving to them with what they did not realize was his only good hand. Of the men lost, about 50 were killed by enemy action, 45 died later on rafts from wounds, and 92 men—including Cmdr.

Evans—got off before she sank, but were never seen again. Roberts also sacrificed themselves to save the escort Japanese escort photos Jxpanese to protect the landings at Leyte. Two Asian dating interracial four Japanese heavy cruisers were sunk by combined surface and air attacks, and Admiral Sprague was soon amazed by the sight of the Japanese escort photos of Kurita's entire fleet. By this time, planes of "Taffy 2" and Taffy 1" and every available unit of the Fleet were headed to assist "Taffy 3".

But Johnston Japansse her little escort carrier task unit had stopped Admiral Kurita's powerful Center Force in the Battle off Samarinflicting greater losses than they suffered. Evans was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor: He was an Oklahoman and proud of the Indian blood he had in him. We called him—though not to his face—the Chief. The Johnston was a fighting ship, but he was the heart and soul of her. With a beautiful escort by your side, you are sure to be the envy of other men. Our ladies are undeniably attractive, sociable and easy to get along with and carry themselves with composure and refinement that will completely mesmerize you from beginning until the end.

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