Ford Escort 1994 Airbag Error Codes

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More about the supplemental restraint system SRS The SRS computer continuously evaluates the input data sent to it by motion or "G" sensors, vehicle speed sensors, steering system sensors, vehicle angle sensors, and seat belt Ford escort 1994 airbag error codes. When the enabling criteria have been met - such as a vehicle speed above 25 MPH and a highly abnormal rate of deceleration - the SRS system will choose which, if any, airbags to deploy and which seat belts to pull tight. The purpose of the airbags is to cushion or prevent the vehicle occupants from hitting and slamming their body parts, especially the head, into the steering wheel or dashboard.

The seat belts tighten in order to restrict the forward movement of the vehicle occupants. Many newer vehicles have side airbags to protect the vehicle occupants from hitting the side pillars, especially with their heads.

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Some new vehicles also have SRS curtains that come down to protect the occupants from breaking glass from windshields and windows. The SRS system is also referred to as a passive restraint system because Ford escort 1994 airbag error codes vehicle occupants do not need to do anything in order to activate the SRS system when the enabling criteria - speed and deceleration - are met. In contrast, seat belts are an active restraint system. The vehicle occupants must proactively latch each seat belt in order for the seat belt to do its job. Even automatic seat belt systems have a lap belt that must be manually latched.

The dealership had no answer and no log file was left. Several months ago the light flashed and kept flashing. I looked at the seat belt connectors, took off covers, wiggled wires, etc and it kept flashing until I attempted to take out the light bulb.

I took the cover off the lower dash, above the pedals, and saw I could not access the bulb. Wscort was some sort of sensor attached to the cover. Esocrt and zirbag, when I replaced the cover, the light had stopped flashing! I wish I knew why, but it Ford escort 1994 airbag error codes Could it be Forrd electrical problem that by disconnectin About 2 days a Hooked up my obd II code reader and there are no c Power down any electronics such as car stereo systems or GPS navigation systems. Completely disconnect the battery and leave it disconnect for around fifteen minutes.

This will reset the on-board diagnostic computer and hopefully clear the airbag code The majority of the airbag code 52 errors are easily resolved by resetting the on-board computer in this fashion. Reconnect the battery cables securely and in the proper order. Check for airbag code Test and see if you are still receiving airbag code If not, the problem has been resolved. If you are still receiving the airbag code 52, proceed to the next step. Test and replace the diagnostic monitor.