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I'm willing to travel to meet up with people as long as its a sleepover if it's from a distance. I respect everybody's needs and wants. I regularly get tested and I am sti-free. I believe in social justice and equality. I'm constantly fighting against all types of oppression. I consider myself as a feminist and a social justice activist. I'm working on ending cycles of abuse. I identify as a queer woman. I feel like I have too much love to share and I want to date different types of people. I may be feminine but I have a very low maintenance lifestyle. I don't get forever to get ready. During the day, I tend to wear jeans with sweaters but when it's time to dress up, I love to wear dresses, skirts and leggings.

I'm deaf, meaning I cannot hear and I do not excel at speaking. I do read lips but it's not something that I can rely on. A method of communicating is using American Sign Language. I studied psychology at Gallaudet University the only post-secondary education for the deaf in Washington DC. I am currently involved with the Ontario Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf. Even though I have a Bachelor's degree in psychology, I'm lending towards working in the Media field. I am extremely passionate about film and film history. I currently work freelance as a writer, captionist, and a video-editor.

I'd like to do more in this field.