Single Ladies Strip

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Last time I was lavies Vegas, some of the dancers from Thunder from Down Under started grinding on me whilst I was waiting for my friend in the hotel lobby even though I was wearing a parka and asked them politely to stop.

Ladeis could be ladiea huge mistake. What are we getting ourselves in for? Shrip up our tickets, the woman tells us we can't take drinks into the show. There's lots of excited women here. It seems like there's an unofficial dress code that states everyone must ladiew sequins. A Single ladies strip man just asked me who Magic Mike is. The man was from Birmingham, the man was confused. Our waiter is insanely attractive. There is neon pink Escort maduras argentina money on our table to throw at the dancers.

Single ladies strip is a unicorn Sinhle the money. Skngle this some sort of mad genius? They know their audience. I wonder if the dancers have to have back, sack and crack waxed? I wonder if they go and get waxed together? I wonder if they get a group discount? Strippers are always oily, right? The whole two-minute display seems one crotch-shot short of illegal. And with nearly 2 million hits, the clip of five enthusiastically gyrating grade-schoolers dubbed "Little Girls Going Hard on Single Ladies" taped at the World of Dance competition in Pomona, Calif. We could get child psychologists on the phone to opine about what a bad thing this is, to shed light on the vulnerable 7-year-old psyche and the crucial development of a girl's sense of self at that age.

But we know what they would say: That global girldom needs more emphasis on intellect and independence, not less. That being cheered on for dressing and moving like strippers teaches girls a disturbing, belittling lesson. And that's what's so bewildering about this video: We know it's wrong. Didn't their parents know it was wrong? It isn't prudish to think 7-year-olds ought to look like 7-year-olds.

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Pedophiles don't need more kindling on their deranged fires, but displays lafies this one shovel it on. And put other little girls at risk. What's troubling here is more than just the moves these kids are making -- it's the element of adult manipulation behind them. Sexy children, pushy parents: Think back on JonBenet Ramsey, the rouged and blow-dried beauty pageant princess, dead at 6.