Meeting Place In Brisbane For Gays

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On 21 OctoberDeputy Premier Andrew Fraser announced that he gajs introduce a private member's bill to legalise civil partnerships, which would allow same-sex relationships to be officially registered in Queensland and would allow the option of an official ceremony. That review recommended that homosexual offences be removed from the state's Criminal Code and that the age of consent for private consensual conduct be 16 years for both homosexual and heterosexual conduct.

LGBT rights in Queensland

This led to the recognition of same-sex couples in 45 pieces of state legislation and amended the definition of "de facto partner" in the Acts Interpretation Act to include same-sex couples. In October Labor's Attorney-General Kerry Shine raised the penalty for attempting under sodomy to be the same as for committing the act. Activists have called for several existing requirements to be relaxed or removed, to make it easier for people to change their birth certificates.