Core Escort Ford Heater

Rotate bezel 90 pills. Disconnect heater hoses from counter core, and natural openings. Remove radio and best lighter electrical connectors. Comparison left and next read on trim panel.

Lock the steering column. Remove the steering wheel by removing or disconnecting the following: CAUTION Place the SRS module in a safe place with the front facing upward SRS module-to-steering wheel bolts SRS module carefullyand disconnect the horn switch and the SRS electrical connectors Steering wheel bolt and discard it Press the steering wheel from the steering column Escorr the screw from the center instrument panel finish panel Unfastening the pushpins, then removing the left-hand and right-hand control box covers Unfasten the hdater screws and position the transaxle control selector dial bezel sideways Unfasten the PCM electrical connector bolt, unplug the connector and Core escort ford heater it aside Unfasten the screw and remove the instrument panel steering column cover Exploded esclrt of the heater core, heater housing and related components Remove the passenger's side SRS module by Coee or disconnecting the following: Push inward on the 2 glove box door tabs and lower fprd SRS module's electrical connector SRS module-to-instrument panel bolts and the module Remove the instrument panel by removing or disconnecting the following: Install or connect the following: Heater core to the housing Heater core cover and the cover-to-housing screws Heater dash panel seal Lower heater core housing, the upper heater core housing-to-chassis nuts and the heater core housing-to-chassis nut Air conditioning evaporator outlet duct clamp screw Windshield defroster nozzle connector's screws, the connectors and the pushpins Vacuum lines to the retainer at the evaporator housing Vacuum control motor vacuum connector Antenna lead to the heater core housing Install the instrument panel by installing or connecting the following: Instrument panel Main electrical wiring connectors located on the left sideand install the instrument panel Upper instrument panel reinforcement bolt and the cover Upper and lower instrument panel reinforcement-to-chassis bolts both sides Upper and lower instrument panel-to-chassis bolts both sides Instrument panels end panels both sides Blower motor resistor electrical connector Lower instrument panel reinforcement in-line electrical connector, located on the right side Vacuum line harness connector.

Loosen cap screws retaining heater assembly to blower motor housing. Remove 3 heater mounting nuts. Disconnect antenna lead from clip on heater assembly. Remove heater core from heater assembly. To install, reverse removal procedure. Disconnect heater hoses from heater core, and plug openings. Remove left and right lower dash trim panel. Remove 4 bolts securing steering column to instrument panel. Remove bolts securing instrument panel bezel to instrument panel. Remove instrument panel bezel. Disconnect speedometer cable at transaxle pull cable out of speed sensor.

If equipped, disconnect power socket electrical connector and remove center instrument panel finish panel. Remove push-pins and both control box side covers. Detach antenna cable from instrument panel reinforcement, then disconnect antenna cable at junction. If equipped, remove transmission control selector bezel. Rotate bezel 90 degrees. Remove bolt from PCM electrical connector. Move temperature control knob to full cool position. Disconnect heater temperature cable from back of control knob. Position hood latch control handle and cable out of way.

1992 Ford Escort heater core

Remove lower steering column cover screw. On ZX2 2-door Coupedisconnect light switch rheostat electrical connector and remove instrument panel steering column cover. On all models, remove upper and lower steering column covers. Remove steering column bracket bolts and lower steering column.