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Advertisement From those observations came an investigation by the FBI and the Californka Department that led this month to the indictment of 22 suspected gang members and serfice on charges of running a multi-state prostitution ring, including seducing underage girls into "the life. When those tactics failed, the pimps used violence, they added. Similar indictments in recent years have targeted gangs in Oceanside and the Christina escort service in california Park neighborhood of San Diego. More indictments linking gangs and prostitution are anticipated by the U.

With drugs and weapons becoming riskier business ventures because of more aggressive law enforcement, gangs have moved into prostitution. The money is easy and the Internet and social media have replaced streetwalking and red-light zones as an effective method of attracting johns, officials said. The San Diego region, for reasons that are unclear, appears to be a dubious leader in this new trend. A study this year of eight cities by the Washington-based Urban Institute found that, of the eight, San Diego has "the most amount of gang involvement in the underground commercial sex industry. Different gangs have different responsibilities: Not satisfied with just being local, the "hybrid gang" was eager to expand its market to other states.

San Diego region has become hub of gang-controlled prostitution rings

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