Powerpoint Amateur Radio Club Meeting

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See our Auction page. Duane coordinates a management group of hospital communications leaders across the US. The goal is to xlub planning suggestions to build on Powerpiont foundation and success of BAHN in the 21st Century. This presentation is not simply amateur radio focused and may be of value to Powerpoint amateur radio club meeting hospital emergency planners as well as clb emergency preparedness amaeur. MDARC is welcome to invite others to this presentation in the spirit of emergency communications planning. His primary emphasis is emergency communications and specifically hospital communications. Duane's experience as a paramedic, emergency preparedness liaison and hospital biomedical engineer provided him with knowledge of both the amateur and hospital needs for communications to function.

He has been a frequently requested speaker, committee member and consultant regarding hospital and health communications regionally and nationally. KPARN provides consultation, membership training, hospital standardized communications technology and infrastructure to support "conference call" emergency communications - specifically post the much discussed due earthquake. She is employed locally practicing environmental law. Melanie brings a lifetime of emergency communication practice and knowledge - specifically hospital communications - based on being her dad's travel companion.

Some of Melanie's earliest memories was participating in an EOC radio drill - standing on a table - to write on a white board important information. Our March meeting will be held Powerpoin the Church Sanctuary, on the upper level. Be sure to park in the upper parking lot for the March meeting only. What Tim says he looks like. He has been active in repeater building since Tim has been involved in digital modes for a long time. He was a pioneer in Packet Digital radio and has been active in Digital Modes for more than 32 years.

What WikiLeaks says Tim looks like. System Fusion Demonstration Unfortunately, Chris Wilson is no longer with Yaesu and was unavailable for this presentation. We had 11 members in attendance. The old and new business were both the same this month - Hamfest. Officer elections were held next.

Meetings and Discussion

Noel KJ4UNX brought refreshments for the group - cold drinks, ham oPwerpoint cheese sliders, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies and chips and dip. After refreshments, Powerpoint amateur radio club meeting talked about forming a special committee to help with smateur and every other subject dealing with the Hamfest. Also it was discussed that the June meeting will be canceled and the special committee will meet then to discuss the Hamfest. We welcomed two visitors Mary Irby and her son Seth Smith. Seth is 10 years old and very interested in the ham hobby. Several members jumped on board to help him any way they could to get him going in this great hobby.

We also had 10 members on hand to get the meeting going. Harrell discussed old business first which was the Christmas dinner at the Old West Steakhouse. He also wanted to know what everyone thought about the venue, the food and the service?