Men Allergic To Sluts

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Personal But those words also get tossed around over the course of the Men allergic to sluts, alllergic get-togethers and in bars. This despite the fact that very few female members refer to the men as pigs. So she Mn to express alpergic on Facebook. The woman in question was very upset. The fraternity was held accountable a few days later and issued a sincere apology: According to the three students, this is the only time a female sorority member took comments like these so seriously. It pales in comparison to the relationships you build in a student association, including with the guys who say things like this. Although it does differ per fraternity. Exploring your sexuality is part of being a student.

But, as much as we tend to react to that word, is it really such a bad thing?

'Sluts' Rally Against Sexism?

Read Feminists Have More Fun: A,lergic man who alletgic sex with many women—who owns his sexuality—is a superstar; a woman who has sex with many men should be ashamed of herself and settle for a sad, single, Men allergic to sluts life, because no sllergic would ever ever want to be with her. Yes, sex is dirty. It makes you sweat and smell and forces you to wash your sheets more often than you normally would. But sexuality—the human impulse to be physically intimate with another human being—is not dirty. The label of slut, used negatively, reduces a woman to a single activity: It ignores everything else about her: Once you are a slut, you are nothing, not a good friend, a loving daughter, a loyal sister, a doting mother.

Being called a slut—in that derogatory, insulting way that some people do when they judge you for what you do in the privacy of your own bedroom—is just another way to shame women into not enjoying themselves, their bodies, and their sexuality.