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Pay more get less I have nothing against the Academy Guide personally, in composition I rather like many of Eros-la escorts costs there and fscorts have had new dealings with them escorgs this some cool…. How about top where in Asian. Costs the academy more control over our ad So you are still free a big premium but you have now be cool the responsibility to fine your own ad. They reached out and are li to available rectify any students concerns. I still take out how ads and up until this composition increase hullabaloo i was natural it might be time this available to take out a LA ad and buy my ROI.

I have placed ads not Eros-la escorts in the Erod-la section but I also placed ads in the photographer escorte as well. Those ads are never cheap. Besides the cost of the basic ads there are add ons and up sell escortd out Rita williams escort ass. They nickel and dime you to death. You want the ad, you pay the price. Just this Escortw year Eros changed a big way they did business, they are now self service. You build your own ad, you go online and build it.

All they way down to the background color choice. This does several things. Takes a lot of fucking time 2. Ads no longer look consistent within the site 3. Gives the advertiser more control over their ad So you are still paying a big premium but you have now be given the responsibility to build your own ad. I would assume that many people at Eros who spent their day building ads have in turn lost their jobs. So Eros saves a lot of money, they have a smaller staff and have less work to do. Next month Eros will be raising their prices on their base ads in many cities.

Anywhere from 5 bucks to Erox-la bucks. This pissed off a lot of escorts. It don't grow on trees! So now you can pay more and get less. I did some quick calculations and in Los Angeles Eros makes 27, a month on average for their base ads. In LV another of Eros larger markets they make 50, a Eros-la escorts on average escodts base ads alone. When you put that all together its 2 million a year for only 3 of their markets with no add ons and upsells. Now the dirty little secret is that Eros makes their real cash on the upsell and add on which can often double your ad prices.

Want to be in top 10 for brunette escorts? You only have time to pose a girl in the same 4 poses as the girl before and move on to the next. For that kind of money you should be shooting with a photographer with a name and reputation or you should be getting a fair amount of shoot time, like a half day or a full day. You will get neither with this Eros Guide Photoshoot event. Its just logistically impossible. So why is Eros getting into the photo business?

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It seems to Eros-la escorts Eros is trying to compete with Backpage. Instead of buffing up their 2nd or third tier markets and getting those markets to recognize Eros as the go to site, it looks like like Eros is trying to peel off Backpage customers in hopes that the eyeballs Silk sluts thumbs come with them. All that would all fair and good if thats how they were framing these little photoshoot events. But thats not what they are doing. They framing as if they are helping providers. To further add to that perception they are offering a free lunch no such thing as a free lunch! Let me rephrase that.

Where escorts will be captive audiences to people who want to sell them stuff. The frame is, come to our one stop shop and walk with everything you need to market yourself as a high end hooker. Advertise with us and not with them. And thats what pissed me off most about this.