Dss Single Adults Ny Shelter Allowance

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The rent allowance for audlts of allowacne subsidized under a housing assistance payments program, except as provided in subparagraph ii of this paragraph, is the amount of rent actually paid exclusive of the subsidy but not more than the amount in the applicable schedule in subdivisions a and b of this section. The social and medical needs of the household members must be considered in making a determination concerning the availability of alternative housing. In accordance with department regulations, designated representatives may file and sign application and recertification documents on behalf of an applicant for or a recipient of an emergency shelter allowance.

Where windows do not open, proper ventilation, including but not limited to air conditioning, Dse be operational. A housing authority may request, and the office may grant an increase not to exceed ten percent in a twelve-month period until the modified schedule for the housing authority reaches the maximum allowances for the district found in subdivision a of this section. Couples without children may be placed in rooms with common bathroom facilities.