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I slowly looked over at him while Tina was grinding and kissing me and noticed that he flung his leg over the arm of the chair and had started rubbing his crotch. Tina looked over and noticed he was rubbing his crotch and he made no effort to even hide it from us. Tina kissed me on the lower lip and reached down and undid the button on my shorts. I just giggled and continued to grind as she slid her hand into my shorts and started rubbing my clit.

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I let out a slight moan of pleasure and I looked over at Greasy while Tina spun me around. He slid his hand in his pants and pulled it out. This goofy assed loser had a dick the size Trailer park sluts King Kong! Tina pulls my shorts all the way off and toss them onto the couch. She then turns and slowly walks over to Greasy and turns and starts grinding her ass right in his face. He took his left hand and started rubbing her ass through her shorts. All I could do was watch and continue my slow grind being butt naked from the waist down.

I was incredibly wet looking over and watching Greasy stroke the huge cock while Tina was grinding her sweaty sexy ass in his face. Tina slow reached down and undid the button on her denim shorts; she slowly raised her hands up to her slowly grinding hips and placed her thumbs inside the waistband. My pussy was practically dripping as she slowly slid the back of her shorts Body kits for ford escort those sexy, perfect, sweat soaked ass cheeks. I wanted to cum right there and then but I wanted to savor this a little longer so I slowed down on my bulging, engorged clit and slowly slid my fuck finger into my dripping snatch.

She moved a little to the left and his tongue hit the beautiful, sweaty crack of her luscious ass. He moved his tongue to the other cheek and she responded by twisting her hips back again landing the crack of her ass right at his tongue. Eat my fucking ass! My sweaty, musty, soaking wet pussy was a foot from his face. I jammed his entire face into my steamy snatch and thrust my hips up and down giving him a huge gulp of my musty wet pussy. My asshole was loving that shit! Greasy reached his hand over and slid his fuck finger into my dripping wet cunt and slowly gave me the in and out. I instantly tasted the salty sweetness of his pre cum and savored it as it slid down my throat and coated my taste buds, I placed my hand under his huge ball sack and rolled them in my hands, I could hear Tina who was spread eagle over my back getting ready to explode in into her ass eating orgasm.

I could still taste the salty sweet flavor of his jizz as I tackled the task of licking the sweat and pre cum cocktail of his massive shaft. Tina started to quiver even harder and I knew she was about cum hard. I pulled myself back and buried my face into her gorgeous, soaking wet and musty snatch while Greasy was still long licking her tight little pink and sweaty asshole. The sweet, tart and tangy taste of her sweat and snatch statured every taste bud of my tongue as she exploded into a screaming orgasm of sweat, pleasure and two probing tongues.

I crawled over on my knees and went between his legs, placed a hand on either side of his head, and started to lick the cocktail of sweat, pussy juice, and pure musty lust off his face. His cock was incredibly huge and hard as a rock and I remember thinking to myselfeven as un-attracted to him as I washad I known his cock was so big I would have went out of my way to fuck him a long time ago for sure. On my knees, with Greasy leaning back in the chair, I just slowly stroked his huge cock while staring at the sheer size of it. I could hear Tina take a sip of a beer from across the room.

Now it was my turnI wanted a warm tongue in my cunt this time so I got upput one foot on each arm rest of his big comfy chairgrabbed his hair I practically rammed my juicydripping snatch into his mouth. Every stroke of his tongue on my sweaty soaking cunt sent lightning bolts up my spine, I reached back and spread my ass cheeks and rocked my hips back and forth forcing my asshole across his tongue and then back to my snatch. My pussy was so wet and it was so hot that my neatly trimmed landing strip of cunt hair was saturated and looked like I just got out of the shower. I took a quick glance behind me as Greasy started sucking my clit and I saw Tina sucking on the tip of his cock.

I was incredibly hot and my mind was made up that if I was going to cum, I was going to cum with that gigantic cock in my cunt. I pulled her to the center of the living room floor, got down on my hands and knees and threw my ass up in the air exposing my dripping wet snatch in the perfect doggy style position. I could feel her hip bump against mine, the feel of her musty sweat against my skin, the smell of sweet tart pussy in the air, and the thick humid atmosphere was driving my pussy crazy.

I turned my head over my shoulder and saw Greasy stroking his cock sitting in the chair. He then released the button on his jeans as he pulled his massive cock back through the zipper hole in the front, and slid them down and off and tossed them on the floor. I remember thinking Paro myself that I had never in my life ever been fucked by a cock slutw was so damn long and thick, and then I dluts a god look at his balls. His nut sack was every bit as big as his Traileer and I knew there had to be a gallon of cum in those nuts. Now my mind started wondering where I wanted that gigantic, creamy, hot load Trailer park sluts.

Did I want that squirting jizz blasting all over Are widows are sluts ass cheeksdid I souts it oozing down my throator did it want it coating my whole pussy in a sticky slutss messah the choices! His cock was only semi par from being so fucking big and he continued to slap that gigantic head against my ass and gave it a few good strokes to get ssluts full on rock hard dick. My cunt was dripping with anticipation, juices, and sweat as I felt the tip of his gigantic sljts find my creamy slit. Slowly my cunt was pushed apart by his mammoth head forcing my pussy lips apart. I felt the incredible feeling of pleasure as his head slid all the way into my cunt stretching it for all it was worth.

He got about half his cock into my pussy and slowly began to pump my cunt. I was quivering with unbelievable lust and pleasure and moaning out in ecstasy as he slid another two inches of monster cock into my cunt. Fuck that pussy till it comes! I could feel my pussy juices running down my inner thigh along with the psrk from the heat in the room. Greasy started to moan with delight as my tight pussy squeezed his cock as he started to fuck it faster. I personally think that she just said that so he would stop fucking me and slide his cock into her ready, willing, and soaked snatch, and of course, I was right!

Just as I was getting ready to cum like I never have in my lifegreasy reaches up and spreads my ass cheeks apart and slowly starts to slide his cock out of my pussy. I felt his big, full, sweat soaked ball sack slapping against my clit as he went in deep and hard. The cum must have been bubbling in his nuts as he stroked deep into my dripping wet cunt and with every thrust I came closer to exploding in the most intensecunt soaked orgasm I have ever had. My moans became louder, and my cunt became even more wet as I slammed my ass against the front of his body forcing his cock deep into my pussy. I felt the incredible feeling of my orgasm coming on, my cunt was dripping, and my rock hard nipples felt like they were going to explode.

With my ass totally covered in sweat, my cunt soaking wet and dripping from being reamed by one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen, I collapsed onto my back in the middle of the living room floor. Tina crawled over in front of Greasy and started shaking her round, sweaty, juicy ass and bumped her hips slowly back and forth in front of him exposing her slippery wet snatch to his gigantic cock. He smacked his huge cock that was still soaked in my pussy juices, and slowly slid it into Tina dripping snatch. As I looked up I could see the look in her eyes and the pleasure filled wince in her face as he slid the bulk of his gigantic cock into her tight dripping snatch. She started to moan out in pleasure as Greasy slid the full length of his cock slowly in and out of her soaking wet pussy.

The slapping of his nuts hitting her clit was getting louder and his thrusts were getting a lot harder. Tina was practically screaming in pure pleasure and about ready to explode into complete and total orgasm. Greasy continued to slowly ream her pussy with his rock hard dick and for a while I thought he was going to blow his load on her ass, but he slowly pulled his cock out of her cunt, slapped it on her ass, and stood up and went to the kitchen to get another beer. With his gigantic cock dangling between his legs, I watched as he walked across the floor. His nut sack shining from the sweat and pussy juices all over it was a major turn on for me.

I kept thinking to myself that that monster cock of his and the full round and extremely large nut sack had to a ton of hot sticky cum in it, and dammit, I was going to find out one way or the other. I have to confess, I absolutely love cum. I love everything about it. Nothing gets my pussy more soaked than seeing a hot, sticky, and salty sweet load squirting out of a big, rock hard cock. Being a self-admitted and proud slut, I have enjoyed gallons of cum in my lifetime. I have had loads blown all over my ass, in my asshole, all over my face, in and on my pussy, in my hairdown my throatand one of my favorite things to do was the jerk off a big healthy cock and aim it and squirt the cum all over whatever I aimed it at.

I just loved the feeling of a stiff cock in my hand and feeling the spurts, hearing the moans of pleasure, and watching that sticky, salty sweet treat of jizz fly out all over the place. I also love swallowing cum.