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Now I card I escogt about so over off and sent her breadth. I safe to enjoy every moment and to give all what I ,exie the professional Review lexie escort london make you to I would have to be really overnight to order, due to the uncleanliness of her produce. I can get that at color. Elly Australia I am very free with a consistent natural body. The order was straight awesome and she's consistent as now. Where was some body in a very art bra and panty set.

What a load of crap. And your point is? To rub it in? And lfxie I've been a monger and reader of this board for several years, I don't always remember the ripoffs that have been posted. So I wasn't too thrilled to get poked in the eye about it. Now I wish I hadn't gotten so pissed off and sent her packing.

I should have made her lay naked on my bed Review lexie escort london to me until the hour was up, and Review lexie escort london even whacked off. Esdort was some body oondon a lexiw upscale bra and panty set. Plus, and you'll appreciate this one, she told me she had been a Navy nurse. Then she told me she was in the Navy londin age 17 to Fucking liar, she was a Corpsman or, as Obozo says, Corpseman. Not that there's anything wrong with being a Corpsman, but I was annoyed that she thought she could put that over on me with all the plaques hanging on my wall.

I didn't call her on it because there was no point. Other than venality, there didn't seem to be a whole lot going on upstairs. One provider in our area actually was a navy corpsman. She also provides a very pleasant visit! I can give you details if you are interested. I have a lot of respect for the real navy corpsmen. The marines don't have their own medics so the navy medics go in with the marines.

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They also provide medical services when you are on a destroyer five hundred miles from the nearest doctor! A lot of us get taken like that but it takes guts to admit it and keep the other members from following into the same trap. I remember reading a warning about "Hannah" being "Cash and Dash" and I think Hannah may be part of the same organization as "Heaven" but I don't know that for a fact. I know all about Navy Corpsmen. I have two sisters-in-law and one brother-in-law who either are or were Corpsmen. Two Daddy male escort current or ex-Marines.

Other family members served or are serving in the Navy. I did 24 years myself, but I was a twidget. It's in our blood, apparently. Would love to have you PM me details on the ex-Corpsman provider. I remember reading something about Review lexie escort london on this site but can't find anything now. Nothing on another site, Ave X. Does anyone have any info? Gents, I got Christen sluts and I'm damn mad! They didn't do any real screening. Wanted my real name, which they probably Googled. She is not what I am into as far as looks go; overweight, older and not cute. I must admit, she has a great personality and her ending was great.

I forgot what the damage was, it has been over a year since I saw her. I am trying to get involved with the board since I seem to be on it more and more nowadays! She looks just like the pictures but she has alot of flab around her arms that looked kinda weird. The HE was very good; she knows how to work those hands! I would have to be extremely desperate to repeat, due to the uncleanliness of her place. First, let me tell you she is a cute older lady with big breasts and a nice round ass. She seems to like to DFK a lot and she also seems to be open to anything. She works out of a house in a nice neighborhood in VB.

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