Minor Girl Dating Adult Male

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Can a woman be found guilty of raping a consenting young man?

Do statutory rape laws apply when the adult is an older woman and the minor is male?

In Oregon, Datng sex with anyone under the age of 16 is statutory rape. This article discusses statutory rape laws as they apply to adult women and underage males. Daitng more information about statutory rape in general, see Statutory Rape Laws, Charges, and Penalties. Statutory Rape Law An adult Minorr over the legal age of consent who has sex with someone under the legal age of consent 16 in Oregon commits statutory rape, even where the underage person willingly participates. This is generally the law in all 50 states, although the legal age of consent varies from state to state.

And, statutory rape is often classified as a felony, as it is in Oregon. Ina year-old Tennessee teacher, Pamela Rogers Turner, plead guilty to four counts of sexual battery on a teenage boy with whom she had a three-month sexual relationship. Nevertheless, Turner was re-arrested during probation for sending texts and nude photos to the victim.

And, most notoriously of all, middle school teacher Mary Kay Letourneau served two terms in prison for her sexual relationship with a student that started when he was Letourneau continued contacting the boy and gave birth to a daughter by him during probation. Letourneau and her former student now an adult are married with two children. Minor girl dating adult male cases sometimes have other bizarre consequences. For example, a woman who contends she was raped by an underage male may find herself charged with statutory rape in rare circumstances.

All in all, Doe's case sounds like the worst nightmare of almost anyone who has searched for a "casual" relationship with someone online. Doe's complaint places blame for the entire series of events on the shoulders of SexSearch. Basically, if the site had discovered Roe's real age and subsequently prevented her from posting on the site, none of this would have ever happened. While that may be true, Judge Zouhary didn't feel that that Doe should have placed that much trust in the site. In his page ruling, the judge wrote that there was nothing deceptive about the site's warning language stating that all persons were over As noted above, Plaintiff specifically agreed to Terms and Conditions which stated that SexSearch did not guarantee or verify any information provided by users of the website, and nothing outside of the Terms and Conditions creates warranties.

Judge Zouhary also cited a lawsuit involving MySpace, which asserted that MySpace should be held responsible for minors participating in communications with adults—another case dismissed as a result of section Since Doe never attempted to argue that the site had modified Roe's profile, Zouhary said that the service was otherwise protected by section Zouhary ruled that even without the section protections, Doe's case was not a strong one. He wrote that Doe had plenty of opportunity to verify Roe's age when he met her in person at what we all presume to be her parents' house, but failed to do so.