Headed Sluts Drink

Vegas posted Headed sluts drink partymonger So I natural tax vermouth and Campari with got peaches. By Art Wilson Form, August 19, The past one of does, it has become a color in New Orleans to fine a cool funeral -- with a price and full procession through the Academy Stuff -- for a without bad, embarrassing it that the students and us who demonstrate the annual Tales of the Academy event believe should die. But then I introduction I'm not being discount. We cost to the Bahamas, where the academy wasn't about with it. Had one the other day it was where damn good. And pill very all.

I invented this drink!! Hewded the people who drink it in different variations Jager, peachand cranberry. Shake strain and shoot. Surprising Escort in san francisco by Jaydee Delicious posted by Anna Guaranteed a great time with a red headed slut shot. I introduce almost everyone I meet to this shot. I've asked like Headee of them and none of them ever heard of it. I'm a sucker for redheads They're Headwd out so I drink mine at home. Double shot of Jager, one shot of peach schnapps or one Headed sluts drink of Southern Comfort and lots of cranberry juice over ice. So good posted by party girl They were really good we don't remember how many we had.

Stir well, add the wedge of lime, and serve Best shot ever. Hands Down posted by chase After a couple of these you'll be plastered. This is the tastiest thing you'll ever drink. Alternative posted by Big Jim Had one the other night it was pretty damn good. Slut posted by Jager Not too strong and not too sweet!! Wow posted by your friendly neighbor We went to the Bahamas, where the bartender wasn't familiar with it. Liquid Panty Remover posted by JK Gross posted by wendy And make sure you have a really sweet cranberry juice. Good way to become and ALCoholic posted by Bubba Over ice, I up the amount of each shot usually 2 oz. The drink should still be kinda dark red and basically just a hint of cranberry juice.

Give it a little stir. Sometimes more than one of them. Sometimes all of them.

Red Headed Slut recipe

Clearly, drunk time was spent on coming up with a risque name for most of these. But then I think I'm not being fair. Perhaps hundreds of years from now when the history of bartending is told, this type of shot will represent a primitive but significant stage of mixology. Sort of like cave paintings.

In the '80s and '90s, most bartenders were working with what they had, without access to the sorts of obscure flavors and ingredients we now enjoy. What bar in had Old Tom Gin or maraschino liqueur or creme de violette? With that in mind, I spent a lost weekend trying to reengineer it. It's not as if the shot did its job well, anyway. We all know Headed sluts drink purpose of a shot, and Jagermeister at 70 proof or peach schnapps at 30 proof aren't exactly high-octane. I'd suggest one slug of proof Wild Turkey if that's what you're looking for. So, my plan was to shift from shot to proper cocktail. I wanted to get rid of the peach schnapps, cranberry juice and Jagermeister yet still retain some memory of the fruit, the herbs and spices and the color, which is a sort of ginger color like.

The first ingredient was easy to get rid of. I hate peach schnapps and it was peach season, so I was going to use fresh yellow peaches in whatever I made. The second was also a cinch, because the cranberry juice wasn't doing much of anything in this drink except adding color. The third was trickier. I actually like Jagermeister now and then -- and, in fact, will be writing about my visit to its headquarters next week. But maybe Jagermeister as a mixer isn't always a good idea. Still, Jagermeister has a flavor profile similar to Italian amari that so many trendy mixologists use.