Ford Escort Head Bolt Torque Specs

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Both engine types required Fird torque applications to attach the cylinder heads to the engine. Head Gaskets Both engines require head gaskets between the engine block and cylinder head. Head gasket failures are commonly a result of inadequate cooling system maintenance. While ethylene glycol does not degrade with time, the protective additives are escrot by the engine. For best results, replace the coolant according to the maintenance schedule. In step one, the bolt torque should be between 33 and 41 foot-pounds. For the second step, further tighten the bolts to 63 to 73 foot-pounds of torque. The bolts should be torqued in a specific sequence to evenly distribute the pressure across the cylinder head.

With the cylinder head facing you, the first bolt to torque is on the bottom, the second from the closest to the front of the engine. Bolt two is on the top, third from the front of the engine. Bolt three is on the bottom, third from the front of the engine. Bolt four is on the top, second from the front of the engine.

Ford Escort head bolt torque specs

Bolt five is on the bottom, closest the the front of the Ford escort head bolt torque specs. Bolt six is on the top, closest to the front of the engine. Torque to yield head bolts Torque to yield TTY bolts, also commonly referred to as angle torque or stretch bolts, are used in many of today's modern engines predominantly for cylinder head bolts. Installing Cylinder Head Bolts General Information When installing cylinder head bolts and any bolt that has to be tightened to a specified torquethe thread of the bolt and under the head of the bolt should be oiled before assembly. Where head bolts penetrate into the water jacket, coat the threads with a non hardening sealant.

This data is provided by the engine manufacturer and should always be adhered to. While the first step in the tightening process is normally stated as a torque figure it is done so only to provide a uniform baseline from which the true load is then applied.

hwad This is hezd referred to as a pre-load or snug torque. It is essential that a quality wrench with an accurate angle gauge be used to achieve the correct angles of turn of the tightening process. Unlike a conventional bolt, TTY bolts are tightened beyond their elastic range past their yield point from which the bolt material can recover to its original length, and into the plastic phase of the bolt material. The bolt is permanently stretched and for this reason should not be reused. The reliability of these bolts once stretched is greatly reduced.