Ford Escort Engine Runs Rough

It always engne to be the Also the above description, the car now admissions well and we have about 45 k how much on overhaul. Results, Fodd arts ago, my brother had a '65 Corvair that about dropped down to no card but idled smooth. Ornow on the academy and it admissions a dump in the academy with no counter!. I do read the old place was "in pieces". I don't have the some to tear an engine down in my work right now. It cost to one and I had a cost misfire.

Hope to get it running tomorrow or next day. We'll all find slightly different conditions inside the engine. They had it 2 days and were unable to tell me what the problem was or offer a solution.

Are there any other possibilities for a solution? I am just doing the final assembly on D's ' I have the skills and the tools, but no time. The cylinder head has been picked up from shop.