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Image 4 of 25 Image 4 of 25 Regardless of specification the Focus has one of the most pleasant manual gearboxes in the business, with a lovely light action and accuracy through the gate — both the five-speed gearbox of lower powered petrol engines and the six-speeder of the diesels have this characteristic.

Ford Orion

Engines The pre-facelift version of the Focus — came with a 1. Smoother and more efficient than insueance outgoing 1. The lower powered boasts bhp and, more importantly, Nm torque from just 2,rpm. That trumps the isnurance of grroup bhp 2. The more powerful 2. It has a brutal Escort 1.8 insurance group torque 10Nm more than a Porsche Carreraand so feels a whole lot quicker than its 8. The Focus has always had a reputation for serving up more driver thrills than the average hatchback, and the 1. So too does the new 1. Although the three-cylinder thrum from this 1.

We'd avoid the Powershift auto paired with this engine, though, as it make it feel lethargic and hesitant in its power delivery. It's therefore more flexible at lower speeds. Available with 84bhp or bhp, they need to be worked hard to make the most of their performance, and their tone lacks the character of the three-cylinder engines. Despite the car having more safety kit and generally being more refined, Ford has managed to make the new Focus lighter than the two previous versions. Image 4 of 25 Image 4 of 25 For example, the 99bhp version of the 1. Image 16 of 25 Image 16 of 25 The last generation Focus had a pricing structure that looked high, allowing dealers to slash the prices and entice buyers with ostensibly large discounts.

Ford was rightly criticised for that, so this time around the pricing is more realistic — and great value. The former returns Image 6 of 25 Image 6 of 25 Our favourite all rounder, the bhp 1. In addition, mid-level Ford Focus hatchbacks are not, frankly, the most alluring to potential thieves.

ST and RS models aside, that is. Depreciation Due to the popularity of the Ford Focus, you're likely to find plenty for sale on the used car market, while parts and servicing are relatively inexpensive. However, residuals aren't as good as the Volkswagen Golf and you'd probably be lucky to get even 40 per cent of its value back after three years and with average mileage. An ST-2 or ST-3 specification version of the former will always be easier to sell on than the more basic entry-level ST. Interior, design and technology 3. Where it was slightly anonymous, even a little ugly, the post car looks classier with its new narrow headlights and chrome grille. The biggest changes in were reserved for the cabin, where the all-new dashboard is more minimalistic and classier than before — addressing criticism of the second generation car and the first version of the third generation about its fussy, button-heavy design.

It was baffling to use, thanks to myriad odd-shaped buttons, especially for the standard stereo head unit. The blue-lit instruments look Escort 1.8 insurance group, while a larger trip computer display between the dials is easier to read. A small central colour display screen is standard. Titanium trim is where things start to look positively luxurious though, with dual-zone climate control, parking sensors, adaptive cruise control and velour seats. Image 17 of 25 Image 17 of 25 ST-Line and Titanium X models are top-of-the-range before you come to the proper ST and RS versions, that iswith the former focusing on sportier options like bigger wheels and a bodykit, and the latter more on luxury kit like xenon headlamps, heated electric seats and leather upholstery.

Whereas the standard stereo and the upgraded Sony unit used to consist of many tiny Black woman and white man interracial dating site, the latest system is much easier to fathom. Escort passport x50 need service features voice operation, so in theory you need never take your hands off the wheel to operate it. Practicality, comfort and boot space 3.

At least storage is plentiful in the cabin, relatively speaking, with decent door bins, a deep armrest cubby and a big glove box. Back seat space is relatively restricted, with less legroom than rivals like the SEAT Leon and Nissan Pulsaralthough the rear doors open wide. One neat feature is the edge protectors that pop out of the doors as you open them to prevent car park dings. You sit quite low in the Focus, enhancing its sporty characteristics and assisting driving enjoyment. Plus, if you really need more practicality, you can always opt for the Estate variant.

This has a litre boot that expands to 1, litres. That might still appear small compared to the Skoda Octaviafor example, but the tailgate opening is huge and the big oblong-shaped space it offers is very useful, while never negatively affecting the Focus driving experience. Size The Focus is a classic family hatchback in size terms, sticking to the conventions of the genre it basically invented, but it does seem to have better visibility than most owing to thin roof pillars. This is not a cumbersome car to manoeuvre.

Yet it still performs perfectly well as a famliy hatchback, accommodating regular sized adults just fine, and with enough space for rear-facing child seats in the back using the standard-fit Isofix mountings. In pure volume terms this is really quite poor, especially, again, given the Focus has one of the bigger footprints in the segment. And to further drive the point home, the Skoda Octavia boasts litres, extending to 1, litres. Only 1, were made, of which 1, had leather trim. With the facelift inFord brought the styling and engineering of the Orion closer to the Escort's and lower-specification models crept into the range along with equipment levels being brought together between the two cars, and helped Orion sales increase further.

The Orion also gained the new 1. The success of the Orion across Europe, particularly in Britain where it was among the top 10 selling cars every year from towas followed by several other manufacturers launching saloon versions of their popular hatchbacks. Austin Roveron the other hand, made use of a Honda design for its new Rover Series saloon, which was launched in and gave buyers a booted alternative to the Maestro hatchback, although with a totally different platform, as the true booted variant of the Maestro was the larger and more upmarket Montego.

The Orion was launched around the same time as the Fiat Regatasaloon and estate versions of the Ritmo Strada in Britainalthough the Regata was aimed further upmarket at cars like the Ford Sierra. The Orion was a strong seller in Britain, peaking as the seventh best selling car in and with over 70, sales each time. The CVH engines were upgraded and were now 'lean burn units' and various models in the range could run on unleaded fuel without modifications to the cylinder head or to the fuel system. Improved locks were fitted across the range, and a number of other improvements were carried out including new suspension and gearbox mounts, updated interior and trim changes, improved soundproofing and revised steering and suspension settings.

Orion Mark III — [ edit ] The final version of the Orion was launched in Septemberbut received the same criticism from the motoring media that the fifth generation Escort endured for its lack of design flair as well as the disappointing refinement of some of its engines — particularly the 1. A facelift to the Escort and Orion in September also saw many major improvements. LX —1. The slow-selling Escort saloon was discontinued inafter the launch of the Focus saloon, although the hatchback and estate versions lasted until