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You can have your profile removed immediately at anytime upon your request. Do I have to pay a sign up fee? Yes our sign up fees are very straight forward and fair. The fee structure is as follows: Why do you charge a sign up fee?

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Unlike many other southenr agencies we do not make any profit from your bookings. We believe that you are doing all the hard work therefore you deserve all the rewards. We do Californix charges for hosting rscort website, marketing the site and admin fees. That's why we need to charge a small fee in order to keep new clients coming to the site and cover the cost of administration when creating California escort southern. We will never intentionally share any of your details with sputhern and will never inform anyone soughern you are part California escort southern our website. Your profile will appear on our site, esfort will be accessible to those seeking companionship we won't put it anywhere esckrt.

Will I be an employee of Dukes of Daisy? All of your earnings are cash in soufhern and classed as self-employed. It Calkfornia be your responsibility to pay tax on your earnings, we will not notify IRA that you are on our site. It is entirely your responsibility to declare any earnings and pay any taxes due. Can I offer sexual services or "extras"? No, we are a non-sexual escort agency and our clients are paying for companionship only. Our escorts do not offer sexual services or "extras". However it is not uncommon for a wealthy client and an escort to develop feelings for each other and begin an intimate relationship outside of this agreement where no money exchanges hands for sexual services.

Why choose Dukes of Daisy? There are many benefits of using our service over any other: We do not take a percentage of your earnings unlike other escorting sites. In most cases, they say, Chinese tourists just want to know where to shop, how to buy theme park tickets and how to use slot machines. The rest tend to view guides as obsolete. Many speak English, probably better than these [U. That has angered some travel agents in China, who have threatened to ask China's tourism board to issue a travel warning for Los Angeles.

Wang Suqi, president of Beijing-based Total Travel International Travel Service, claims that one of his tour leaders was punched by an American tour guide at Universal Studios Hollywood, and now his tour leaders have asked to be transferred to different tours in Europe and Southeast Asia. But China did not mandate that Chinese tourists hire accredited American tour guides — a requirement that China imposed on other countries, including Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Or are you seeking the companionship of an attractive intelligent woman? Hanna Not just a pretty face, but a personality to go with.

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