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As the tragic news spread, riots and looting took place in cities including New York, Washington, Nashville, Tenn.

In Chicago on the first night of rioting, ecort people, all black, were killed. On Saturday, with the approval of Black escort chicago Richard J. Daley, the Army was called in and Black escort chicago of troops descended on the Bbw escort xxx troubled areas. When the fires died chicaggo, buildings had been destroyed, 12 people killed and 3, arrested. Soldiers stand guard in front of a supermarket on 63rd Blak on Chicago's South Side in When chhicago spread of King's murder, looting and dscort broke out across the vhicago. Marines move down the street in southeast Washington. AP Baltimore riots following King's murder Riots following King's assassination devastated Baltimore for two weeks.

Six were killed, dozens injured, and fires and looting caused damage. Thousands of National Guard troops were deployed across the city. A scene from the riots in Baltimore. President Richard Nixon called in the National Guard to help get the mail moving in one of the hardest-hit areas: The strike concerned what the unions saw as a small pay raise. The strike lasted for two weeks, the military mail helpers were considered ineffective and the postal workers got their raise. New York City letter carriers shout on the picket line. Bush called in the National Guard to restore order on the island of St. Croix of the U. Looting and racial tension broke out following devastating damage from Hurricane Hugo.

The storm damage buried the island in rubble, destroying most homes and knocking out communications. The storm sparked long-standing racial tensions that led to rioting and looting. Bush sent in 1, heavily armed troops. Troops patrol Christiansted on St. Virgin Islands, following Hurricane Hugo. AP Riots after Rodney King verdict Arson, violence and looting broke out across Los Angeles following the not-guilty verdicts in all but one assault charge in the video-taped police beating of Rodney King. During the violence, 2, reserve soldiers were activated.